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The 12 zodiac animals compatibility can be applied to the relationship between siblings, parents and their children, husband and wife, lovers, friends and business partners.

Snake and Rat

A good degree of attraction. These two will cooperate successfully to achieve a common goal. Both signs are ambitious and intelligent, but two of them approach life in a very different ways. This could be a profitable union if two of them have the right attitude and agree on fixed priorities. The Snake is a thinker who schemes and plans in detail while the Rat is actually an aggressive doer. Both are resourcesful, talented and shrewd enough to make their union a big success provided there’s no jealousies get in the way.

Snake and Ox

One of the best combination. These two steady signs will understand each other and relate extremely well. Both the Snake and the Ox are cautious, down-to-earth, dignified, selective and will find that they made a good desicion in choosing each other. They support one another and share the same beliefs and driving ambition. The Snake is tenacious and scheming while the Ox is disciplined, orderly and protective of family and home. Two of them can rely on each other in a crisis. They can look forward to a happy life together.

Snake and Tiger

This relationship is difficult as they dont have much in common. Mutually suspicious of each other. The Snake is constant, refined and intellectual. The Tiger is lively and idealistic. The self-contained Snake will find the Tiger too unconventional, outspoken and stimulating. The Tiger on the other hand, will be resentful of the Snake’s secretiveness, aloof behaviour and intense ambition. Tiger is aggressive and impulsive while the Snake is calm and cautious. They entirely speak different language and cannot communicate.

Snake and Rabbit

A relatively peaceful combination. No special attraction but no animosities. Will work together to accomplish mutual goals. The Snake is dominant and forceful, and the well-bred Rabbit will be receptive to the Snake’s way of thinking. Two of them share the same exclusive and refined preferences and they can strike a harmonious chord mentally and romantically. However, basically these two signs are also not so obliging. Both of them may neglect each other in ther search for self expresion and gratification of their desires.

Snake and Dragon

A compatible and fruitful union resulting in mutual benefits. The Snake is loving but possessive and complicated. The Dragon is open, generous and excitable. The Snake is careful and deliberate in his/her action while the Dragon is impulsive, impatient but courageous. Some friction is bound to develop in this relationship but secretly the Dragon longs for someone is wiser and dominating than him/herself. The Snake will not only provide stabilizing force but also will admire the enthusiasm and ambition of the Dragon. A helpful and constructive alliance.

Snake and Snake

Good understanding of each other’s nature. They are both ambitious, patient and enduring. They could form strong bonds if they have areas of common interest. In their searching for power and success, this duo can be relentless and enduring. They wont cling to each other too much as these two are independent thinkers. Their mutual ambitions seal them together. In order to make this relationship even better, both should not be too secretive and suspicious toward each other. Neither likes to be dominated, so try to appreciate and respect each other. As long as no jealousy is allowed to get in the way this team can achieve great success.

Snake and Horse

Some conflicts and confrontations. Each has different approach to life. The Snake is cautious, tenacious and strong-willed – the Snake’s goals are long term, whereas the Horse is adventurous, impatient and mercurial – Horse cares more for the joys of the moment. Snake is consistent in his/her endeavours while Horse is impulsive, quick-witted but inconsistent. The Snake will find the Horse irresponsible and hard to keep up with. And the Horse will dislike the Snake’s serious, calm and deliberate mental deduction. Cold or distant relations.

Snake and Sheep

Cordial and moderate relationship. No underlying conflicts and will compatible to a certain extend. They can get along well because both share a love for the arts and the beautiful things in life. The lusty Snake like to get wrapped aruond the object of his/her affections but the Snake wont like it when the Sheep clings to him/her indefinitely. The efficient and realistic Snake is basically an achiever. The Sheep is docile, sentimental and sensitive. Snake will sacrifice a great deal of his/her ambitions. Sheep is self-indulgent and may get discouraged easily when the going gets rough. Snake is highly intelligent while the Sheep is highly emotional. In times of difficulty, these two may find it hard to bridge the gaps in the relationship.

Snake and Monkey

Not very compatible. Both are scheming and competitive. A battle of wills and wits. Snake thinks long term and far sighted whereas the Monkey is an opportunist. The Snake can be easily incited to anger by the Monkey and on the other hand, the unforgiving Snake will retaliate swiftly. Monkey is insensitive, opportunistic and competent enough to challenge the Snake. The Snake is equally ambitious, conniving and set on having his/her way. These two seem to bring out the worst in each other. Clashes or conflicts if there is a lack of goodwill or trust. They cannot understand or communicate with each other.

Snake and Rooster

Perfect match for marriage and business relations. These two are highly compatible, can trust and understand each other very well and can achieve great success. These are two brainy, performance-oriented and calculating signs who will prefer money and power in the bank to holding hands romanticaly in rags and poverty. The Snake is philosophical enuogh to put up with Rooster’s rambling and eccentric ways. Both will share the same dreams for prestige and material security. The Snake will be the brain behind all the financial deals. Each will be able to expend energy productively in this relationship. Two of them will have strong spiritual and mental affinity for each other. One of the best team in Chinese astrology.

Snake and Dog

Mutual respect and some areas of common interest. The Snake is power-hungry and deliberate in his/her action. The Dog is fair, loyal and affectionate. Two of them may have mutual admiration for each other. But the Dog will support the Snake to the extent where his/her principles allow. Both have strong convictions. These two may clash if the Dog finds the Snake straying from the righteous path. The Dog is not materialistic and cannot comprehend the Snake’s fascination with power and wealth. Their disapprovals of some of each other’s ways might prevent a close relationship.

Snake and Boar

Deep or lasting conflicts. Cannot relate or understanding each other. Being conflicted opposite signs in the Chinese zodiac, the Pig and the Snake tend to see only each other’s fault. The Snake will find the Pig naive and careless. The Pig will be annoyed by the Snake’s jealous and secretive personality. The Snake is very careful and will always observe and plan everything in detail while the Pig often just dives into any relatonship without reservation and that can be disturbing to the Snake. Althogh forgiving and enduring, the Pig feels that it is a mission impossible to be able to please the complicated Snake.


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