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The Chinese zodiac animals compatibility can be applied to the relationship between husband and wife, parents and their children, brothers and sisters, lovers, friends and business partners.

Ox and Rat

An excellent match as the reliable Ox supports and listens to the creative Rat. Generally people of Rat are a little insecure from the inside. The sturdy and hardworking Ox wins over the Rat’s anxiety with its sincere dedication. The Ox has great capability to gain significant achievements and this can test the anxiety level of the Rat. The Ox finds a way in order to keep Rat’s insecurity at bay to make their relationship a solid one. To have a long term relationship, the Ox should also learn to adapt to the Rat’s busy schedule. In this combination, the Ox will be the honorable backbone of the duo, and the crafty Rat will put its shrewd mind to good use.

Ox and Ox

This is a stable and solid relationship. Both people are diligent and hardworking. Although the Ox naturally wants to dominate, but fortunately they both will try to avoid conflict andd find ways to balance power. Both serious and dutiful, the Ox-Ox combination may create a couple who are work and no play. And therefore money will become comfortable because of this. And since these two like-minded are not a good communicator, they do not share deep understanding. Each party shuold learn to loosen up a little and share feelings and thoughts with each other.

Ox and Tiger

Personality clashes and bitter rivalry. The Tiger and the Ox are both stubborn and determined, they can start fighting for smallest and most meaningless reason. The playful Tiger may find it hard to share jokes and thoughts with the serious Ox who does not have a great sense of humor. Ox may bury himself/herself into his/her work and the temperamental Tiger does not like to be neglected. The Ox has a very disciplined approach to life and the Tiger is just the opposite. Lots of tension, hardwork and patience to make this relationship work. In order to make this relationship to work, the Ox needs to be more flexible and brings the Tiger under control.

Ox and Rabbit

No major conflict. These two will enjoy a harmonious and peaceful life. The Rabbit seeks security and that is exactlly what the Ox can provide. They both have so much in common like happier staying with their family and friends, and enjoying quiet nights at home that keep them both happy and cuddled up. The Ox will take the lead while the Rabbit follows behind. Both avoid emotional confrontations. So if they happen to have different opinions, the stubborn Ox might silently hold on to its point leaveing the Rabbit feeling very miserable. Ox is industrious and stable while Rabbit is peace loving. The Ox will learn to appreciate the fine taste of the Rabbit. Can get on well together and any differences can be sorted out easily.

Ox and Dragon

When you put a furious and powerful Dragon together with a fearless and inflexible Ox, you get a constantly fighting combination. In this relationship, the practical Ox will and always prefer to stick by the rules and follow the daily routines. On the contrary, the inconsistent Dragon hates to play by the rules and is idaelistic and unpractical about the future. These two will often fight for dominance and each tends to believe only her or his way is the right way. They are opposites, in the beginning there will be a lot of attraction. Both of them have a strong physical attraction but their relationship may not be long-lived.

Ox and Snake

This will be a long and lasting relationship because each can respect and share with the other. They relate extremely well and will form profitable ties. The dependent Ox will give all his/her support to the ambitious Snake. And the reliable Snake will have a stronger influence over the diligent Ox than the other way around. The Ox however will not mind a bit because he/she enjoys feeling needed by the Snake. These two are practical planners, enjoying toward their long-term goals. The Snake will respect and admire the security provided by the Ox and the Ox in return will admire the Snake’s enthusiasm. Combination of wise advices and hardwork. They do not waste time.

Ox and Horse

The Horse and the Ox think in different directions and move at different paces. The cautious Ox is conventional and likes to play by the rules, whereas the rebellious Horse prefers to be risky and impulsive. The adventurous and irresponsible nature of the Horse might drive the patient Ox crazy, and the Ox will eventually walk away from this relationship. When things dont go the way they want, each of them will blame the other for the failure. Moderately congenial relations are to be expected at best. Nothing lasting or permanent will result from this union.

Ox and Sheep

Being six years apart is always not recommended in Chinese love astrology. Needless to say, two of them have nothing in common. The Ox is punctual and rigid while the Sheep is laid-back and cant keep the track of time. They dont get along well at all. The Ox is very disciplined, which can be beneficial to the disorganized and sloppy Sheep. If everytime the Ox have to keep taking care of the mess left by the Sheep, the Ox may eventually becomes tired and will call it quit. This combination is not recommended, there will be certain degree of conflict and indifference in their union. Will just tolerate at best.

Ox and Monkey

No outright confrontations between them. The Monkey and Ox are very different people but their differences can complement each other. Although the relationship can be quite unpredictable, but you dont have to worry as the bright and cheerful Monkey will always know how to take the Ox’s heart and causes the disciplined Ox to loosen up a litle bit and become more open-minded. In fact, the naughty Monkey enjoys teasing the quiet and serious Ox but often with love and tenderness. The Ox will find the Monkey’s sparkling personality fascinating. The Ox will provide a solid home environment whereas the spiritful Monkey develops plenty of interesting schemes.

Ox and Rooster

Excellent union. Four and eight years apart is always recommended in Chinese love astrology. They aim and share the same goals, therefore will have no difficulty communicating with each other. This is one of the best match for the Ox as the relationship will be stable and harmonious. Both signs like to plan ahead and they are well organized, and both care a lot about money and financial security. The Rooster will probably be the spokesperson for this couple while the Ox enjoys watching the Rooster show off. Both will benefit from the other’s company. They will find love and happiness together. Very successful team.

Ox and Dog

At the first glance, these two seem similar as both are hardworking and very loyal, but the fact is that they can start a battle over the silliest topic. The serious Ox will be criticised by the witty Dog for lacking a sense of a humor, and the practical Ox will keep complaining about the charitable Dog’s unrealistic desire to save the world. You will always see Ox counting every dime, saving up for rainy days and the Dog will keep trying to persuade the stubborn Ox to donate some for a better cause. However, the Dog can also turns tired and savage with the Ox constant concern with stability.

Ox and Boar

Compatible to a certain extent. An acceptable union but unlikely to be a strong one. The Pig loves hanging out with friends whereas the Ox prefers the coziness of the home. Issues may arise especially when the Pig is spending so much money to enjoy a good life. The Pig also likes to socialize and likes to entertain, Pig will start calling up every single friend to arrange party or gathering while the Ox might not be too happy abut this arrangement. On the other side, the Ox's predilection for constant security and hardwork and self disciplined may unnerve the Pig. Pig is gregarious, open and jovial and Pig works only to ensure his/her leisure while Ox is serious, rigid and systematic and finds contentment in her/his labours. The Ox will most likely the one who takes control in this duo.


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