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Hours ruled by the Sheep: 1 P.M to 3 P.M.
Direction of its sign: South-Southwest.
Season and principal month: Summer-July.
Fixed element: Fire.
Stem: Negative.
Western zodiac equivalent: Cancer.
Lucky birthstones: Emerald.

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Chinese Zodiac of Sheep

Sheep Personality:

This is the most feminine and most artistic sign of the Chinese zodiac. A person of the Sheep is called the good Samaritan of the cycle. The Sheep is gentle, delicate, mild-mannered and lovely. They are extremely creative, elegant, charming and has a highly developed aethestic sense. He loves beautiful things in life and has a keen eye for design and art. Peace-loving, sincere and serene, Sheep can get along with almost everyone. It is hard to resist a trustworthy and caring Sheep.

Sheep are regarded by astrologers as having a strong essence of “Yin”, therefore it is the most feminine of all the animal signs. Highly sensitive and compassionate Sheep is close to nature and a general homebody. The downside is that he is a worrier, hesitant, pessimistic, insecure, withdrawn, shy, easily influenced and offended. They are the kind of people who have a hard time to say no to others and try hard not to offend anyone.

Born under the sign of art, the Sheep people are normally gifted or talented in music or art. They are very conservative and when it comes to career advancements they often leave their creative sides unexplored. The Sheep is meticulous and a perfectionist in her/his work. She/he cares so much (sometimes overly) about the quality of her work and will spend so much time on how to improve it. The Sheep are not a fast workers, but rather a quality workers and will certainly give their best effort when given a project.

Sheep are nurturers, they enjoy taking care of other people. They like to be in the company of others bbut do not wish to be in the middle of everything. Sheep are happy when they are with people they love and their life goes on the ordinary way. Sheep people are not drawn towards extreme experiences or pushing against their borders of capability, they stay in the golden middle and like it when things are done in their way.

Sheep people are usually deeply religious. Peaceful and easy going, they will avoid conflict and confrontation and want to make everyone happy. It’s no wonder they hardly make enemies, as there is nothing the Sheep hate more than argument. They shy away from confrontation and will often follow the crowd instaed of standing up for their true beliefs. The Sheep may appear calm and serene, but underneath the tranquil surface they are actually very insecure. Sheep need to feel needed and loved, they need protection as well.

Most of the Sheep are diehard romantic. Like his best friend Rabbit, he will obtain his wishes without force or violence. After all, they hate conflict and pressure and always seek guidance and refuge. The female sheep is perhaps the most emotional of all signs and Sheep lady is every man’s dream wife. It is said that Sheep people are destined to have good marriages, they will be loved not only by their spouses but their in-laws as well.

The Chinese believe that good fortune smiles on the sheep because of his pure nature and kind heart. He is generous with his time as well as his money. Sheep is the eighth sign, and to the Chinese the number 8 symbolizes prosperity and comfort, so it is said Sheep born has a fantastic luck and always have the three most important things in life; food, shelter, and clothing.


Famous Sheep:
Bill Gates, Bruce Willis, George Wallace, King George IV, Mark Twain, Mel Gibson, MichelAngelo,
Mikhail Gorbachev, Robert De Niro, Rudolph Valentino.

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