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The Five Elements

Element of Metal

People born with the zodiac element of metal will be rigid and stubborn. The element of metal is also associated with determination and strength. They are more comfortable with taking direct action to pursue their goals. Guided by strong feelings, the Metal element people rarely give up in the face of resistance and will work hard to complete the projects they start with intensity and little hesitation. Success-oriented and unwavering in their determination, these people are fighters who stick up for their rights and do not easily back down when challenged.

Some other positive traits are: confident, ambitious, influential, determined (purposeful), implacable, persistent, serious, focused, supportive (by lending strength), intense, interesting, and self reliant.

Not easily swayed or influenced even by hardships, drawbacks and initial failures, the Metal element people are rock solid and epitomizes focused determination. Whatever perseverance and constancy their native lunar signs contain is going to be enhanced greatly by the element of Metal. Their unrelenting focus and serious attitude contribute to their ability to stay with even the lengthiest projects to completion. Furthermore, the Metal element people add strength to others and the support they provide will be valued by many people.

However, these people can be unreasonably stubborn and have trouble letting go when situation is no longer feasible. They prefer to solve their problems alone and will not appreciate unsolicited assistance or interference.

Element of Water

Water is a gentle element and Water people have a better than average ability to communicate as well as to advance their ideas by influencing the thoughts of others. The emotional Water people are very sensitive to other people and their need. If they combine this with their excellent communication skills, they can be an excellent enabler and counselor. Although capable of devastating power, the Water element is at its magnificent best when it quietly ground down obstacles as in the process of soil erosion.

Some other positive traits are: communicative, diplomatic, calm, convincing, flexible, intuitive, open minded, sympathetic, soft spoken, empathetic and sensitive.

These people are ruled by sympathetic vibrations and convey their emotions and feelings to the best degree that their native zodiac animal sign will permit. Water people can easily get close to others but often end up influencing them more than aggressive people who use direct approach. Just like the Water which is capable of wearing away the strongest rocks of opposition by their constant and silent efforts. They can accurately gauge future potentials and have a knack for noticing things that will become important. Water people are very calm and they know how to be unobtrusive in their persistence.

They rarely blurt out a straightforward or blunt contradiction to what others say. They also may not stand up and fight when attacked. At their worst, they will be passive and inconstant and lean too much on others for supports.

Element of Wood

One of the primary qualities associated with Wood is cooperativeness. As the various parts of a tree will work in harmony for the good of the whole, the Wood people tend to feel comfortable working within group for the common good. They have high morals and a good deal of self-confidence. These extroverted people enjoy the company of and being in touch with others.

Wood people will probably be the first to offer a compromise when situation warrants it. It is a part of their generally sociable nature. As a Wood element people, they are more likely to care about fellow human beings or all life in general, they display compassion and kindness. Their generosity and progressiveness enable them to take on large projects, expensive scientific studies or long-term and sizeable developments – definitely not one man ventures. Possessing executive personalities, these people can apportion and seperate matters into the right categories and work order. Growth and renewal, they branch out rapidly and can diversify into many fields.

However, Wood people tend to bite off more than they can chew. If they spread their resources too thin they may also not be able to finish what they start. They may drift from one project to another withuot satisfactory result, or their plan could then even turn sour.

Element of Fire

Fire people display above-average qualities of leadership. Dynamism coupled with decisiveness is one of their primary qualities. Loving adventure and innovation, these people will try to dominate others with their originality and creativeness. They are also confident and more aggressive than other four element. These doers do not fear risks and like to keep on the move. Flamboyance and charisma are other traits common to Fire-sign people. Fire brings passion, action and energy to the people who born under the year influenced by it.

Some other traits are lively, ambitious, energetic, emotional, inspirational but can also be selfish and violent. They also hate loneliness or being isolated.

However, they have to be careful and learn to control their emotions as their forcefulness and ambition may amplify their selfishness and make them impatient, quick-tempered, impulsive and inconsiderate when their wishes are not gratified. The more Fire-sign people try to achieve their ends by violence or force, the more they will encounter danger or opposition. It would be good for Fire-sign people to cultivate compassion and patience to curb their impulsive tendencies.

Element of Earth

Those born under the year influenced by the element of Earth are more concerned with functional and practical aspirations. Methodically and inexorably they march towards their goals. Furthermore, they exhibit a great deal of practicality and common sense along the way.

Some other positive traits are: practical, logical, industrious, realistic, responsible, reliable, stable, unpretentious and unassuming.

They are always thinking about what needs to be done in their daily life and how to do it the best way. Although not generally philosophical by nature, but they are logical and serious in their approach to getting things done. They tend to be hard working and industrious and more often than not, they are very responsible and known for their reliability. These people are the one likeIy to be tasked with the most critical projects. They are an excellent managers and can organise and run business that require a firm hand. While they move very slow but they proceed towards good and lasting results.

However, the Earth people are also very conservative, overprotective, humorless, unadventurous, insensitive, stingy, plain and lack of imagination.


Metal is ruled by the planet Venus, Water is ruled by the planet Mercury, Wood is ruled by the planet Jupiter, Fire is ruled by the planet Mars and Earth is ruled by the planet Saturn.

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