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Sheep Zodiac SignMetal Sheep

The element of metal strengthen the Sheep’s artistic taste and talents. Usually the Sheep people are sensitive and shy but the metal increases their confidence and determination. These Sheep will have great faith in themselves and know the value of their talents and these people love to show off their good taste. The Metal Sheep, just like most of the Sheep, they like to display a tough exterior in order to protect the fragile interior they are notorious for. Harmony and security are very important to them, therefore the Metal Sheep will find it very hard to adjust to change, leaving familiar environment can be traumatic for them. The Metal Sheep usually have unstable emotions, this can make them become possessive, overprotective and jealous of their loved ones.

Water Sheep

The calming element of water makes the Sheep even more sensitive than they already are. The Water Sheep are extremely appealing, they are easy to get along and live with. The Water Sheep can summon an army if he or she is in need on help and there may be dozens of people aruond who will want to mother the Water Sheep. They are very opportunistic and always know to seek out people to trust and rely on. The very emotional Water Sheep are witty and well-spoken but lack self-confidence. When water is added to her or his basic sign, it encourages the Sheep to travel the route of least resistance. They will not be too crazy about exploring the unknown and will often go along with the wishes of the majority and those who have strong influence on the Sheep.

Wood Sheep

The element of wood brings extra innovation and creativity into the already talented Sheep personality. With wood as his element, this thoughtful and good-humoured Sheep will also be prevented from being too flippant. The Wood Sheep will have high moral principled, more generous and his nature will be steadier. Their sincerity can be taken advantage of and they capitulate too readily when harassed. They also like to make unwise sacrifices for the sake of keeping the piece. The Wood Sheep will have tendency to mother others, their compassion will lead them to devote money and time to charity. And because these people like to support others willingly, money will always come to them. Their good deeds will not go unrewarded.

Fire Sheep

As with most fire types, Fire Sheep will be more courageous and confident. The Fire Sheep are sure-footed, they know how to emphasize their strength as well as disguise their weakness. They are not as likely to get ther feelings hurt nor are they as likely to ddesire the approval of others as typical Sheep are. Fire makes the Sheep very energetic and aggressive. They are capable of standing up for themselves, taking care of themselves and putting themselves first. Their creativity lies in their ability to dramatize rather than invent. They can highlight strong points and play down weaknesses. Fire Sheep is outspoken when offended. They tend to overextend themselves financially and mismanage their own affairs. When they are negative, the Fire Sheep are given to wistful thinking withuot realizing the benefits of their present situation. Although Fire Sheep like to exhibit enticing personal grace, but their emotionalism cuold, at times, defy logic.

Earth Sheep

The element of earth helps the Sheep become more practical and brings their dreamy minds down from the cloud. Although the Earth Sheep struggle with a lack of self-confidence but they are very stable. Optimistic and independent, the Earth Sheep are leaning more towards conservancy than liberality. As with most earth types, the Earth Sheep are more cautious and self-reliant. These people wont like to waste money but they wont be counting the pennies either. Just like any other Sheep, the Earth Sheep also enjoy a material life, but they will be able to fulfil their own needs withuot depending too much on others. However, just as the Earth Sheep work hard, they will also play hard. They can take their responsibilities seriously and will go out their way to help their friends.



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