Zodiac Tiger

Third in Chinese Horoscope Signs order

Hours ruled by the Tiger: 3 A.M to 5 A.M.
Direction of its sign: East-Northwest.
Season and principal month: Winter-February.
Fixed element: Wood.
Stem: Positive.
Western zodiac equivalent: Aquarius.
Lucky birthstones: Sapphire.

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Chinese Zodiac of Tiger

Tiger Personality:

This is another powerful sign of the Chinese zodiac, Tiger is a symbol of courage. They are another leaders of the circle and usually have the charisma to cause people to follow the energetic and adventurous Tiger. This creatures enjoys being in power and giving orders, they are the people with reputation. Independent, courageous and powerful, it is no wonder people will confidently and faithfully follow the Tiger. Tiger people adore competitions and challenges, they love adventures and addicted to excitements. They often take risks even when they don’t have to. The Tiger can be extremely rebellious against any petty authorities; after all, he’d rather give orders than take them. Always hating to be ignored, Tiger people love the spotlight and crave attention. They are always tense and seem to revel in being in a hurry.

Tiger is passionate and dynamic, restless and reckless by nature. Aggressive and impulsive, hot-headed, and hasty in making decisions. When facing difficulties or obstacles the confident and fierce Tiger will no doubt taking the challenges ahead and fight to the very end. However, owing to the Tiger’s tendency to be too impulsive, it is not allways be wise to follow him. They will jump into action and sometimes regret it afterward. Image and reputation means a great deal to these people and they will try very hard to maintain a certain image of dignity and authority. Tigers are also possessive and territorial; when in an argument, the Tiger always expect his friends to take his side.

Forceful, proud, quick-tempered, explosive, outspoken, and love being the centre of attention. They are excellent speakers and have the ability to command and persuade crowds through speech. However, people under the sign of Tiger are usually frank, sometimes to the point of being offensive, and Tigers are not always known for their tact. The Tiger often seem calm and in control on the surface, but deep down, there is always some hidden agressiveness. But don’t take this the wrong way, they are not predators who always crushing others to get what they want. In fact, Tigers are also warm, sincere, humorous and honorable. Although the Tiger can be selfish from time to time about little things, he is capable of great generosity.

Life with a Tiger is bound to be a volatile and colorful roller-coaster ride. It will be filled with laughter, joy, tears and despair. The Tiger is generally optimistic, but if Tiger sinks into a depression, it will be extremely hard to pull him out of it. Tiger does not like to hide his emotions; instead he wants anyone to be there listening to his complaint about the injustice. Tigers are dreamers and like to create so many new ideas. Once a Tiger sets his goal, he will go for it with a full force; his impulsive personality however may lure him to something else, and the Tiger will detour from his original goal to another one.

In general, Tigers are impatient and not the ‘slow but sure’ types. They are compassionate and fun-loving. Unlike Ox these people dont really like and capable of digesting logic so when dejected an ears for their complaints or entertaiments is perhaps the suitable idea rather than explaining who is right and wrong. The good sides is that they are warm, sympathetic, romantic, sensitive, sentimental, generous, and humorous. The downsides is they are unreasonable and selfish. Tiger must be aware of how they react to and are affected by the consequences of their tempers. They are also outgoing, expressive, and look on the bright side of things.


Famous Tiger:
Dwight D. Eisenhower, Joseph Stalin, Leonardo Dicaprio, Lindsay Lohan, Ludwig Von Beethoven, Megan Fox, Marilyn Monroe, Princess Anne, Stevie Wonder, Sun Yat Sen, Tom-Cruise, Queen Elizabeth II.

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