Zodiac Rat

First of Chinese Zodiac Symbols

Hours ruled by the Rat: 11 P.M to 1 A.M.
Direction of its sign: Directly North.
Season and principal month: Winter-December.
Fixed element: Water.
Stem: Positive.
Western zodiac equivalent: Sagittarius.
Lucky birthstones: Garnet.

Rat with Five Elements

Chinese Zodiac Facts


Chinese Zodiac of Rat

Rat Personality:

Being born in the first and active sign of the zodiac, it is very unlikely for you to find Rat sitting quitely doing nothing. We are drawn to the charming Rat who is always in the middle of the action. This group of people are full of activity and has multitude of friends and admirers. Even if the Rat finally has the time to sit down, relax and enjoy a short break, his/her active mind will still be running nonstop and planning for her next grand scheme. Friendship comes easily to the Rat because of his/her energetic attitude and sense of humor towards life.

Rat is also the sign of aggressiveness and charm. Rat is a bright, happy, lively, loyal and sociable personality. Rat people love good music and like to go to the party. They have a tendency to get bored easily with something perpetual or repetitive. Talkative but discreet, gossipy and inquisitive. Sociable and easy to get along with. They are not so discriminating and like to maintain good relations with everyone but very choosy if comes to accepting true friends. Its not surprising that you see Rat with different bunch of friends everyday.

However, as friendly and easy to get along with, and as talkative and gossipy as Rat can be, he/she is also a very private person and never confide in anyone. Rat is self-contained and often keeps secrets and problems to him/herself. They are extremely private and discreet when it comes to their own personal life. Rat people are confident and usually have good instincts, these qualities combined with their stubbornness means they will prefer live by their own rules rather by others.

Rats are clever, curious and ever alert to their environment. Although Rat has the innate ability to sense danger, his greed sometimes overcomes his sound judgement and causes him to fall into the same trap over and over again. Rat also likes to criticize, nag and compare. Although not romantic, Rat people are very sensual and loving. Rat people might appear reserved or discreet on the surface, but if anyone looks deeper, they will find out that Rats are never as quiet as they may look. Rat also has the remarkable ability to cope with difficulties and is especially good at problem solving.

A talented opportunist and optimist. Practical but lack courage. Rat always looking for opportunities and never waste one. His cunning moves always have some motive behind. Quick-witted and smart, Rat can always turn any idea into a business plan. However, Rat people have tendency to get bored easily with their projects and will simply pull up another brand-new business plan and move on to another project. Level-headed and alert in solving problems. Confident but impatient and careless. Highly intelligent and attractive. Rat people are famous for their charm and wits. They are an agressive doers.

Born energic, they seem to have a solution for everything. Forthright, expressive, direct and they are good talker. Unsophisticated and narrow-minded. Sensual and possess good sense of humor. Rat will never be found wanting for admirers as they emit such fantastic appeal. Most of you would seek solution and advice from the crafty Rat. If you want to get out from trouble fast, then read Rat’s instruction. Rat loves to write down his thoughts and ideas. They are reputed to make an excellent writer. Many of the world’s greatest writers and historians were born in the year of the Rat.


Famous Rat:
Antonio Banderas, Cameron Diaz, George H W Bush, Hugh Grant, Jimmy Carter, Pope John Paul, Prince Charles,
William Shakespeare, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Yves St. Laurent.

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