Rabbit Zodiac

Fourth in Chinese Horoscope Signs order

Hours ruled by the Rabbit: 5 A.M to 7 A.M.
Direction of its sign: Directly East.
Season and principal month: Spring-March.
Fixed element: Wood.
Stem: Negative.
Western zodiac equivalent: Pisces.
Lucky birthstones: Pearls.

Rabbit with Five Elements

Chinese Zodiac Facts


Chinese Zodiac of Rabbit

Rabbit Personality:

A person born in the year of Rabbit possesses one of the most fortunate of the twelve signs. They are the emblem of longevity. The Rabbits are born peacemaker and are assigned to promote peace and harmony,  avoid conflict and violent. Rabbits are people everybody likes to be around.

Pacifistic and refined, Graceful and cultured, ethical and well-mannered, like to get involved in intellectual activities, all these makes Rabbit wonderful politicians, diplomats, or public relations people. Their thoroughness will make them good scholars. Although they can be very shy, pessimistic, touchy  and reserved but they work well with people and can achieve success in business. His soft, vulnerable-looking exterior is protected by an armour of cautiousness and sagacity. Rabbits are excellent negotiators, and their natural suavity only adds to their skills. They know their own limits and are able to pace themselves to finish projects on time.

Even though Rabbit people are popular and loved by their friends and family, they are also pessimistic under the surface. Rabbit is conservative and insecure, explaining why he does not like changes. It is hard for you to provoke calm Rabbit people. They don’t like to argue and they’d rather enjoy a peaceful and quiet life. They are sympathetic and truly soft at heart.

Rabbits are also one of the most delicate among all twelve animals. Oversensitive and very sentimental, sweet and polite. Rabbits care about their friends and like the Sheep, they are the best compassionate listeners. They are discreet and easy going, but snobbish and prone to gossip. Security is their first priority and therefore they dont like to take risk and refuse to undertake a decision without considering it very carefully. People born under this animal would rather work behind the scenes instead of being in the spotlight in any situation.

Rabbit love being at home. The Rabbit’s home is always beautiful as they are well known for their good taste and artistic sense. They are also well dressed and love to throw lavish parties so they can show off their big mansion, and of course, their spacious walk-in bedroom closet.

Privacy is important to these people and they are reluctant to reveal things about themselves. They are also very protective about their friends as well as their family and also respect their privacy as much as their own. In fact, they don’t like to put their nose to someone else’s business, believing that they are above prying and gossiping. Rabbits believe strongly in family and friends and lacking such bonds can lead to emotional issues. People of Rabbit also like to stay at their own “level”.

Even though Rabbit people often compromise to avoid conflict, there is surely one thing they will not compromise – the quality of their life. They really know how to enjoy their life. Good food, good wine, stylish furniture and expensive clothes are on their A-list. Rabbits are emotional but also selfish when it comes to enjoying themselves. Rabbit people can be a great partner in a relationship, they are very romantic, sweet and faithful.

The hospitable and conservative Rabbits are childish at times. These social creatures do like travelling and enjoy the finer things in life. They emotionally and physically moved by good art, music and other forms of beauty. Their comfort is very important to them and they are likely to whine when disturbed. Rabbit person makes a pleasant and warm company and entertainer. Rabbit is the sign most apt to find happiness and contentment.


Famous Rabbit:
Albert Einstein, Benjamin Spock, Brad Pitt, Fidel Castro, Henry Miller, Johannes Vorster, King Bhumibol,
Peter Falk, Queen Victoria, Tiger Woods.

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