Pig Zodiac

Twelfth in Chinese Horoscope Signs order

Hours ruled by the Pig: 9 P.M to 11 P.M.
Direction of its sign: North-Northwest.
Season and principal month: Autumn - November.
Fixed Element: Water.
Stem: Negative.
Western zodiac equivalent: Scorpio.
Lucky birthstones: Ruby.

Pig with Five Elements
Zhu Bajie

Chinese Zodiac Facts


Chinese Zodiac of Pig

Pig Personality:

This is the sign of honesty and simplicity. The Pig is the last but not least of the twelve signs. Pig is bound to be one of the most natural people you could come across. They are the original nice guy who seeks universal harmony and brings goodwill and humanity to all. Pigs are blessed with great endurance. They are one of the people that many admired most, and many friends consider them some of the nicest, most loving and caring people around.

People born under the sign of the Pig are said to have a golden heart. They are the one who will always give a helping hand to people who need it and Pigs are also the ones people leaned on when they need a shoulder to cry on. Pigs often sacrifice their own happiness, comfort and interests for the sake of someone else. So many people put their trust on Pig people because they know Pigs won’t let them down.

Pigs are easy-going, down to earth, have a strong passion, courteous, helpful, popular and hedonistic. They are famous for their diplomacy, hospitality and sweet nature. Socially, they believe in the best qualities of mankind and certainly do not consider themselves to be superior. As Pig-born, their hefty appetite should not be surprising, they love music and good foods. Pigs make a great friends and sensual lovers.

Pig does not like to add fuel to the fire in a confrontation and will usually let bygones be bygones. Sociable and gregarious the lenient Pig is not easily offended and he does not like to hit you below the belt. He enjoys gatherings, parties, joining clubs and many associations. Pigs are quite self-indulgent, they don’t worry about spending money. Their lifestyle can be quite extravagant, they constantly seek pleasure and know how to have a good time. Once made up his mind, the Pig can be really stubborn and it is unlikely anyone can change his mind.

Pig people are generous, affectionate, fun loving but quick tempered and impulsive, still they hate quarrelling and arguments. “To love, give and share” is probably the motto for the Pig. A Pig seldom asks for help from others and cant graciously accept it. Unfortunately, because of their kind and trusting nature, many people take advantage of them. They may often find themselves being disappointed, deceived, swindled and hurt. But their biggest problem is that Pigs forgive easily and the same mistake might happen over and over again. Pigs are sometimes more forgiving of others than of themselves.

However, it is always not wise to rub the Pig the wrong way. If the Pig is being forced into a corner, she or he can be very vengeful and will fight back without hesitation. Fortunately, the Pig has a big heart and usually doesn’t hold a grudge for long. In relationships, the Pigs are caring and sweet. They are a romantic in heart and certainly the marrying kind, although Pigs can also be jealous and possessive.

Pig is a good listener and even when you are definitely in the wrong, he will never have the heart to tell you so. The downside is that Pig does not really know how to manage money, impulsive, often reacting to a situation without thinking. However, the pig believes in miracles and miracles will happen to him.


Famous Pig:
Chiang Kai Sek, Dalai Lama, Henry Kissinger, King Hussein, Lee Kuan Yew, Maria Callas, Nostradamus,
Ronald Reagan, Stephen King, Woody Allen.

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