Ox Zodiac

Second in Chinese Horoscope Signs order

Hours ruled by the Ox: 1 A.M to 3 A.M.
Direction of its sign: North-Northeast.
Season and principal month: Winter-January.
Fixed element: Water.
Stem: Negative.
Western zodiac equivalent: Capricorn.
Lucky birthstones: Aquamarine.

Ox with Five Elements

Chinese Zodiac Facts


Chinese Zodiac of Ox

Ox Personality:

Born in the powerful sign of the zodiac, Ox is born leader. Steady and solid. Ox is a sign of hardwork and progress. Ox people are the most hardworking and workaholic of all. They are willing enough to support almost everyone around them. They care so much about their reputation and status. They are intolerance with criticism against them and unsympathetic towards offenders. They are tough and can endure any hardship.

Just like the Ox who works very hard and persistently in the field, he can stick to a task longer than anybody, and can go at it harder than any other sign. Ox is a conscientious worker and highly accountable. And because of his trust-worthy and steady character, he will climb slowly the ladder up to an eventual position of authority. Ox people are filled with common sense, willing to listen to advice from other people and when it comes to important issues they always weigh all the pros and cons before making final decision.

Ox people are quite dependable, calm and methodical. They are very serious in taking duties and careful in making steps when doing task and sometimes afraid of making mistakes but can be trusted with important responsibilities. The logical Ox is also obviously most well known for his stubbornness, it is difficult to make him change his views. Generally they are tranquil and placid but when they lose control their behaviour can become almost violent. In fact, Ox is also capable of fearsome rages and become impulsive and explosive when angry. A hotheaded Ox is like an angry Spanish bull thet is going to charge at anything in its path. Fortunately, Ox people do not lose their temper easily.

Ox people are not social or party animals, they tend to become introverted in a crowd. They do not usually ask to be in the limelight; nevertheless Ox people do have a tendency to boss people around. However, normally bright and patient, the Ox is a good friend who enjoys helping others. Most often, it takes a long time for Ox people to open up and establish a friendship. Although they are not the romantic type, but their feelings are deep and passionate. When the Ox is broken heart, he tend to retreat and be distant. Ox people usually are very close to their families and willing to sacrifice anything for the welfare of their family. Ox prefers a stable life and prefers to plan ahaed for the future.

Mature and always neat in appearance the trustworthy Ox is also loyal, organised, conservative, sincere, narrow-minded, strong, reliable, disciplined, fair, confident and serious. He has many friends who will be there for the Ox whenever is needed. Although these people are not really good talker and speak little, they are famous enough for their courage and will not back down when facing obstacles or dangers. If he truly believes in something or someone, he is ready to fight bravely for what is right despite the consequence. Ox can be inflexible and dogmatic, they also do not make promises easily.

If some other signs of the zodiac can reach to the top by their given talents and wits, the Ox will be by their 'step by step' diligence and persistence as they dont really like shortcut and quite traditionalist, but they can stay at the top while the others might fall back.


Famous Ox:
Adolf Hitler, Barack Obama, Charlie Chaplin, Emperor Hirohito, Margaret Thatcher,
Napoleon Bonaparte, Princess Diana, Richard Nixon, Saddam Hussein, Vincent Van Gogh, Walt Disney.

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