Horse Zodiac

Seventh in Chinese Horoscope Signs order

Hours ruled by the Horse: 11 A.M to 1 P.M.
Direction of its sign: Directly South.
Season and principal month: Summer-June.
Fixed element: Fire.
Stem: Positive.
Western zodiac equivalent: Gemini.
Lucky birthstones: Topaz.

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Chinese Zodiac of Horse

Horse Personality:

Horse is an active and energetic sign. Horse is the sign of ardor. Those born under this sign are cheerful, full of energy, determined, popular,and smart. His adventurous spirit makes him eager to try new things and treat life like voyage. Enthusiastic and frank, you are quite lovable and easy to get along with. Gregarious, sociable and fun, he loves fanfare and being where the action is. Being a strong masculine sign, Horse need plenty of room to roam, and he cannot stand schedules, timetables, petty rules, and regulations. He simply doesn’t have the patience or time.

Free-spirited and open-minded, they are very likable. Their enthusiasm and vivacity make them famous. In most cases, Horse people are born to work and will leave home early and remain restless throughout their life. Chinese believe Horse is born to race and travel, therefore travelling is one of your top hobby and you are always planning to your next trip. Freedom and independence is one of your motto. Inactivity makes him bored to death. Social contact is extremely important to the Horse and they usually form close relationships with others.

Productive and versatile, this showy dresser like exercise, both mental and physical. To satisfy your whims and caprices you change your mind constantly and often lose interest in a project even before it is completed. Independent and charming, they care a great deal about how others perceive them. They usually like to spend most of their time with a group of friends. Comfortable in a crowd, Horse is indeed quite a persuasive speaker. Convincing and talented, Horses are the type of people who are not afraid to speak up. And they are too honorable and candid tto back down when facing unfairness. Horses are good at handling their money but often lose interest in their goals.

Horses are stubborn and hardheaded. Capable of instant mood swings and fiery temper, they can be very difficult to deal with sometimes. Horses resent any controls and pressure and hate to be cornered, instead prefering to do things their own way. When someone rubs the Horse the wrong way, he will bite, kick or fight back instantly without hesitation. Then often, the Horse find himself feeling remorse and regret for his quick temper and harsh words. In short, no matter how integrated the Horse people seem to be, they still remain powerfully rebellious in their heart. And although they have ambition and boundless energy, nevertheless, they have a hard time belonging.

Horse people got plenty of sex appeal and they know how to dress to impress people instead of to show off their fashion or style. Horse fall in love easily and fall out in love just as easily. The native of this sign is often called the playboy of the cycle. But the romantic horse will ready to give up everything just for love. They are passionate, cheerful and romantic most of the time. A gifted sweet talker, Horse people know how to capture a lady’s heart.

The quick and nimble Horse likes to talk, think, eat and act in a fast way somehow have a tendency to ignore details. Vivacious, sweet-natured, talkative, highly humourous, Horses are quite a party animal. On the negative side he has an explosive temper, stubborn, rash ,impetuous, forgetful, brash, and headstrong. The horse represents desires and usually they are associated with males.


Famous Horse:
Anwar Sadat, Hu Jintao, Isaac Newton, Jacky Chan, King Faisal, Mike Tyson, Neil Armstrong, Nelson Mandela, Paul McCartney, Theodore Roosevelt, Vladimir Lenin, Warren Buffet.

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