Dog Zodiac

Eleventh in Chinese Horoscope Signs order

Hours ruled by the Dog: 7 P.M to 9 P.M.
Direction of its sign: West-Northwest.
Season and principal month: Autumn - October.
Fixed element: Metal.
Stem: Positive.
Western zodiac equivalent: Libra.
Lucky birthstones: Diamond.

Dog with Five Elements
Foo Dog

Chinese Zodiac Facts


Chinese Zodiac of Dog

Dog Personality:

Born under the sign of justice and loyalty, Dog may be the most likeable sign of all in the Chinese zodiac. They are known to be the most loyal and faithful people. Dog is forthright, intelligent, sincere, generous, eccentric, and candid. He has a deep sense of loyalty and passion for justice and fairplay. Dog people are also probably the most humanitarian of all. Friends from other zodiacs usually pamper Dog's people.

The egalitarian Dog believe in justice for all and willingly take up worthy causes and bear weighty crosses against unfair practices. Honest, fair and straightforward, the Dog always be the first to speak out against injustice, and he cannot ignore a real call for help. He is a natural lawyer and will listen to yuor case objectively. The Dog tend to enter relationships in which, normally, the Dog is the giver and his partner is the taker. As a good listener, the Dog person is reliable in keeping secrets for others and he doesn’t really like gossip.

They are usually amiable, exude sex appeal and not too demanding. They respect tradition, value honor, and enjoy helping people. Dutiful and protective, Dog makes a great friend or family member and inspires the confidence of everyone around them. The Dog is truly man’s best friend, once he takes you in, you are in for a lifetime of devotion and loyalty. You don’t find a Dog leaving home just because he found out that his master has the proverbial feet of clay. The Dog can even protect the interests of others more avidly than his own. But he is also prone to bouts of erratic and cantankerous behaviour.

Most people born in the year of Dog are tough, in the sense that this people can take a lot of stress without cracking up. He can suffer great hardships and deprivation without complaining. The stable mind of the Dog makes him a good counselor, psychologist and priest. He earnestly wishes this world were a better place for us to live in, and he will not hesitate to go out and do something about it. Many martyrs and saints were born under the idealistic sign of the Dog.

Although they are trustworthy, Dogs have trouble trusting others. When they don’t trust you, they can be judgmental and rough. They see things in black or white, and nothing is in between. It is believed by many astrologers that Dogs born at night is more aggressive and highly strung than those born during the day. Dogs don’t normally hide their emotions and they are not renowned for their patience, the Dog has a tendency to snap at others when irked.

The downside is that because the Dog is empathetic, humanitarian, altruistic by nature and display amazing ability to put themselves into someone else’s shoes, this trait can also work against them as Dog tend to be upset, shocked more easily, becoming a natural pessimist or a worrier, and many becoming quite cynical. Dog should pay more attention to their own needs. Not particularly sociable, they tend to be introverts who rarely show their feelings and usually hate crowds.

The good side is they are not materialist, have the ability to spot the good guys and the bad guys. They can be trusted to finish any project on time, under budget and with the highest of quality. If anyone will bail you out ten times out of ten, he must be a Dog and we certainly want them to be on our team.


Famous Dog:
Andre Agassi, Bill Clinton, Chiang Ching-Kuo, Chou En-Lai, Donald Trump, Elvis Presley, George W Bush, Kirsten Dunst, Michael Jackson, Mother Teresa, Prince Wiliam, Stephen Spielberg, Winston Churchill.

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