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The Chinese zodiac compatibility can be applied to the relationship between lovers, parents and their children, husband and wife, brothers and sisters, friends and business partners.

Tiger and Rat

When they see each other, it may be love at the first sight. The Rat finds the Tiger lovable and alluring while the Tiger is attracted to the charm of the Rat. But their relationship will soon turn into constant minor skirmishes after the first spark of love fades. Both are quick-tempered and stubborn, they both are also too proud to compromise. The Tiger and the Rat love being in the spotlight and will compete with each other for that. Tiger cannot tolerate the Rat’s craftiness, schemes and nagging insecurities while the Rat finds that the Tiger is too energetic to live together with. Will not care for each other’s company to large extend. In order to succeed both must endure.

Tiger and Ox

Serious clashes and rivalry. Both stubborn and determined, they cannot settle their differences peacefully. Since both have a lot of ego, if something goes wrong those two cannot bring themselves to call truce. The Tiger is playful, humorous and adventurous while the Ox is serious, hardworking and doesnt have a great sense of humor. In this combination, you will often see them fighting even for the most meaningless reason. In order to make this relationship works, both parties need to give each other space and freedom. The patience of the Ox will be all important in the relationship, just as the playful Tiger must learn to buckle down to work and not reactt so impulsively all the time.

Tiger and Tiger

Two Tigers are not recommended. They are compatible to a certain degree only. Both will be adventurous, insensitive and will prefer independence. On good days, two of them will enjoy a wild and passionate relationship, full of fun and impulsive excitement. Tigers believe in love at first sight and share laughter and jokes together. But on the bad days, they simply cannot see eye to eye. Both are competitive, they seem ready to jump on aech other and start a fiery fight. Tigers are also love in the spotlight and these two will be competing constantly to be the center of attention. They may fare well as friends, but if for romantic relationship, their family life will be utter chaos as two of them will not be available to make the house a home.

Tiger and Rabbit

The partnership between the Rabbit and the Tiger can be difficult at times, but basically they understand how to get along and both are protective toward their loved ones. The suave and peaceful Rabbit is smart enough to let the courageous Tiger take the lead. Rabbit is intelligent and know how to manipulate the Tiger to get things done. On the other hand, the Tiger occasionally show his/her true colors by trying to bully or dominate the sensitive Rabbit. This couple have to share some interests in order to make their relationship work.

Tiger and Dragon

A relationship between the Dragon and the Tiger will never be boring. Both are highly motivated and powerful, and both are action-oriented and passionate. Together, these two are acceptable because they are equally ambitious and talented, and neither of them is intimidated by the other. At times, there are some clashes and struggle for dominance but they will be able to resolve their differences as both love their family and hate loneliness. The Dragon tends to be more careful of the two. They are similar in temperament and understand each other very well. Since both of them are straightforward and frank, they wont shy away from talking about their problem. Their home life may be very chaotic but there is love overall.

Tiger and Snake

The Tiger and the Snake combination will be a difficult one as two of them dont have much in common. They approache life from different angles and perspectives. There will be conflicts between these two owing to some misunderstandings. The dramatic Tiger is more outspoken than the Snake and prefers to follow gut feelings rather than the head. On the contrarry, the secretive Snake always suspicious of everyone, including the Tiger and likes to organize things in a more systematic way. However, three, six and nine years apart are always not recommended in Chinese love astrology.

Tiger and Horse

Excellent match for marriage and business relations. Finally, here is a lovely couple that shares much in common and both enjoy each other’s company. No difficulty understanding and trusting one another. Both the Horse and the Tiger are impulsive and hate slow movers, and these two are definitely not the type to wait. They are both impatient and will usually jump immediately into the things they are passionate about. Althuogh sometimes they will still fight like a normal couple, but they will be able to resolve it soon as both doesnt like loneliness. They can form a very successful team.

Tiger and Sheep

It is believed that the Tiger-Sheep combination is one of the worst combination. Many Chinese says that sending an innocent Sheep directly to a furious and reckless Tiger implies a situation that is doomed or suicidal. As soon as the Tiger sees the Sheep, the Tiger will immediately attack and devour this poor animal. Probably this is the reason why some Chinese believe that the bossy Tiger will be the one most likely to bully, control and manipulate the soft and indecisive Sheep in this combination. And the laid-back nature of the Sheep might drive the impulsive and impatient Tiger crazy.

Tiger and Monkey

One of the worst match for the Tiger. Cannot see eye to eye and endevuor to settle their differences. Both are highly competitive and refuse to compromise. The Tiger might be offended easily by the Monkey’s comments and remarks, while the Monkey may not have enough patience for the Tiger’s quick tempered nature. Two of them will often fight and retaliate at each other. The Tiger is more energetic and Monkey has greater stamina. Tiger and Monkey are six years apart, which a sign of conflict. What more can be said, except that two of you are definitely not meant for each other.

Tiger and Rooster

Although the relationship between the Rooster and the Tiger may appear to be promising but actually they two have wide differences in their personalities. The perfectionist Rooster has a tendency to order others to follow his/her rules. This Rooster’s lecturing nature will annoy and irritate the independent Tiger and bring out tthe worst of the Tiger’s rebellious personality. These two have the inclination to pick on the other for her or his fault. If they share some common interests, both may be able to find ways to patch things up.

Tiger and Dog

A balanced and harmonic relationship. The Tiger and the Dog know how to get along perfectly. Both are sincere and frank, they find no difficulties in communicating with each other. The understanding Dog know how to handle the playful and impulsive Tiger, and the Tiger appreciates the loyalty and good sense of the Dog. And best of all, two of them will not hold grudges against aech other and will not let one dominate. They will benefit from the partner’s experience and talents. Can achieve much success and prosperity together.

Tiger and Boar

When the Pig and the Tiger are in the same room, it means party time! Both are party animals, they are sociable, popular, worry-free and gregarious. These two dedicated and inspired individual will work more energetically for the goals of others. In order for this relationship to work, the Tiger have to curb the inclination to roam while the Pig need to learn to stand on his/her own feet instead of needed constant support. The PIg is understanding and kind enough to cope with the exciting and unpredictable moods of the Tiger but the Tiger also finds the Pig to be devoted, unselfish, humourous and courageous. In this combination, the Pig will often be the one most likely to be taken advantage of. Although Pig is strong and doesnt easily offended but the Pig will have to endure all the pressures when they are going through the bad days.


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