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The Chinese animal signs compatibility can be applied to the relationship between lovers, brothers and sisters, parents and their children, husband and wife, friends and business partners.

Monkey and Rat

Highly successful union. There is a lot of passion in this relationship and they will find love and contentment. Both the Monkey and the Rat are very strong and have competitive personalities. Both are crafty and clever and have an eye for opportunities. The Monkey likes Rat’s energy and the need for security. The Rat likes Monkey’s games and talent for wit. Rat is nitpicker and Monkey is teaser but they are not sensitive enough to take each other’s snide remarks too seriously. These two are fun and respond positively to each other’s busy schedules. And there will be no dull moment in this dynamic combination.

Monkey and Ox

Have mutual reservations about each other. Although the Monkey and the Ox are considered not the best partner for each other but these two tough creatures can have a wondeful time together if both make some serious adjustments and give each other appropriate space and freedom. Ox is hardworking and Monkey is playful, Ox is a serious and no joke person and Monkey is humorous and like to tease or make fun of people. Ox is conservative and conventional while Monkey like changes and always interested in new things. Fortunately, they both are not easily angered and not dependent on one another as they are tough and enduring.

Monkey and Tiger

Strong clashes and rivalry. Monkey and the Tiger are six years apart from each other, which is a sign of conflict and therefore it is always not recommended in Chinese astrology. Both are ambitious, egotistical, strong-willed, and love being in the spotlight. Tiger is bold and forceful while Monkey is quick and cunnning. There might be times when you can see the battle between the strength and the wits in their relationship. The Tiger is more energetic and fierce but he also has to worry about the Monkey’s greater stamina and remarkable speed.

Monkey and Rabbit

Cannot achieve complete understanding and will only tolerate each other moderately. The Rabbit finds it very hard to understand the Monkey and the Monkey finds that the Rabbit is too prudent. To the Monkey Rabbit is dull, dreary and conservative. To the Rabbit Monkey is complicated, egotistical and cunning. However, their intellect are well matched and one commonn ability is for both to see through others. The optimistic Monkey likes to make him/herself busy and love to go to adventurous journey while the pessimistic Rabbit prefers to stay home and enjoy quiet and cozy life. If the Monkey is willingly enough to be more supportive to the Rabbit and if the Rabbit can be more open up a bit more to life then they could have a better relationship.

Monkey and Dragon

One of the best unions. Very strong affinity in business and love relations. The highly motivated driven Dragon meshes well with the clever ambitious Monkey. Both are aggressive and love challenges. The Monkey admires Dragon’s strength, fierceness and courage while Dragon admires Monkey’s ingenuity, stamina and daring. The Monkey-Dragon combination will bring out the best in each other but beware if one ego gets too big as these two dynamic personalities need to temper ther enthusiasm and learn to share the responsibility.

Monkey and Snake

These two may have communication problems. They both tend to magnify the frailties of the opposite party. Monkey is outgoing, lively and enterprising while the Snake is persevering, sophisticated and ambitious. No doubt these two are in the same big league but both of them cannot help challenging and at times opposing aech other because of their inborn suspicious inclinations and natural jealousy. Before the Snake and the Monkey can feel comfortable with each other, they need to be more sincere and straightforward. If these two powerful signs are able to cooperate with each other, then they are one of the most unbeatable teams you can find.

Monkey and Horse

Acceptable and congenial union to a favourable extent. Both partners in this union are outgoing, flexible and versatile. They both are also energetic, charming and persuasive each in their own way. The rebellious Horse seldom feels trapped with Monkey as the gregarious Monkey him/herself will also be busy with his/her own things. If they want to coexist in the spirit of good will, they have to put much efforts to control their self-centred personallities. Neither is long on endurance, and two of them will not persevere in working out their diferences if one finds the other lagging behind.

Monkey and Sheep

Cordial to relatively cool relations in business and marriage. The Monkey and the Sheep usually are very attracted to each other. These two also know how to have fun together. The Sheep loves to play house but tends to make too many demands on the Monkey. The wily Monkey might be flattered by the Sheep’s attentiveness but may still finds the Sheep’s flaws outweighting his/her virtues. And the evasive and calculating Monkey may not always take the Sheep seriously.

Monkey and Monkey

A combination that can be binding iff envy does not get in the way. They can achieve much together if they can think in term of “We” instead of “I”. No problem will be too great for the Monkeys if two of them meet it in the true spirit of cooperation. If they learn to share the good with the bad, Monkeys can rise above pettiness and jealousy. And if they dont blame each other in the face of adversity and are willing to stick to each other, then they could live in harmony.

Monkey and Rooster

Will tolerate if mutual cooperation is required. Will be able to communicate to a certain degree only. These two materialistic signs are ambitious and crave acclaim and recognition. The Rooster and the Monkey have similarly powerful personalities which can clash more often than they cooperate if both of them insist on maintaining their affections. Being the philosopher of the two, the Rooster usually keeps too many thoughts to him/herself and becomes quite secretive, while the merry Monkey desires to communicate openly. The Rooster is prone to looking over Monkey’s shoulder and picking up on his/her imperfections. These two tough but noisy creatures will try each other’s patience and endurance. Rooster aims for long-term benefits and achievements while Monkey strikes any opportunies that come which usually filtered by the Rooster. In order to make this combination harmony, Monkey and Rooster need to make significant adjustments and try to do some worthy sacrifices for the sake of the relationship.

Monkey and Dog

Will cooperate to a good extent. Mutual respect and friendly feelings for one another. No underlying animosities. The Monkey is productive, smart and sociable. The Dog is cooperative, supportive and intuitive. Monkey is adventurous, inventive and loves to explore new things while the Dog will be loyal, helpful and affectionate. Both are charming and attractive. Dog will admire the Monkey’s colorful and many-sided personality while Monkey longs for someone who can support and trust whatever things the Monkey does and thus they will never get bored with each. Although Monkey is gregarious and love being in the spotlight while the Dog usually hates crowd and introvert but that doesnt seems a big problem for the couple.

Monkey and Boar

Although the Monkey-Pig combination is not very recommended but actually these two could make a great team. These two party animals are both optimistic, popular, friendly and sociable who enjoy being with many people. Both will enjoy each other’s company in this relationship and can always learn and benefit from each other. The flexible Pig will usually let the Monkey takes control of the relationship and Pig will be gladly enough to follow behind through thick and thin. Both are strong and enduring, so the Pig wont mind joining the adventurous Monkey who tends to do many dangerous or risky journeys or projects.


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