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The Chinese animal zodiac compatibility can be applied to the relationship between husband and wife, lovers, parents and their children, brothers and sisters, friends and business partners.

Horse and Rat

Being six years apart from each other, the Horse and the Rat are considered to be highly incompatible. Rat is thrifty and resourceful while Horse is adventurous, changeable, flirtious and extravagant. The Rat is nitpicking and the Horse is quick-tempered and impulsive. Due to their different temperament, these two will not see eye to eye on how things shuold be done. The Rat finds the Horse inconsiderate and selfish while the Horse finds the Rat too bossy and possessive. Horse requires mental as well as physical freedom. The Rat is affectionate, level-headed and industrious.

Horse and Ox

Not very lasting or congenial ties. The Horse is too versatile, outgoing and high-strung for the proper, organized and disciplined Ox. The Horse finds the Ox very respectable but too rigid and undemonstrative. The Ox feels that he/she should not depend on the Horse as the Horse is too light-hearted and has unpredictable moods. Horse will also find the Ox too humorless and difficult to play or work with. The Ox needs partner who is more responsible and disciplined. These two have very little in common.

Horse and Tiger

Excellent or happy match in business or love. The Horse and the Tiger have no trouble trusting and communicating with each other. Both are active, affable and appealing. The Horse is captivated by the Tiger’s vivacious personality and the Tiger is greatly attracted to the Horse’s vibrant, colorful and self-assured manners. Much togetherness can be achieved in the this relationship. Both are adventurous and risk taker types. If there is a new place to explore, new mountain to climb or new party to attend, then you can expect both of them to be present. Although this combination can be very chaotic, the Horse and the Tiger compliment each other and can be a fantastic pair. Since two of them share the same philosophy, both will gravitate towards the same goals.

Horse and Rabbit

Uncooperative or indifferent ties in love and business. Rabbit is conservative, peace-lover, law abiding, homely while the Horse gallops everywhere and hates regulation and daily routine. Horse is reckless and daring while Rabbit definitely does not like danger or risky action. For the Rabbit, life in this relationship is too chaotic. Horse may see Rabbit as dull, self indulgent and over sensitive. Tempers flare and misunderstanding arise. The rebellious Horse loves a good time and isn’t really into commitment whereas the Rabbit wants a relationship full of love and support. The Horse’s need for independence can make the insecure Rabbit feel abandoned.

Horse and Dragon

Mutual respect with some underlying clashes for dominance. Both are reckless and daring, they are also emotional and hot-tempered, so there might be times when these two impatient creatures fight for dominance. Between these two, the Horse is more rebellious and more difficult when it comes to commitment. But fortunately they are frank and straightforward and will speak up about their disagreements or grudges. Both doesnt like to hide their feeling and emotion therefore two of them can easily understand each other. Since they can read each other’s personalities like a book, they need to learn and pay more atention to each other’s likes and dislikes.

Horse and Snake

An unlikely match, they have some difficulties comprehending each other. The Horse is mercurial, need a lot of freedom and variety while the Snake can be resistant to changes and resentful of the Horse’s rash and self-centered ways. Snake aims for long term goals while Horse cares more for the joys of the moment. The forceful Snake is consistent in her/his endeavours while the energetic Horse is impulsive and inconsistent. The Horse always want to know what is the Snake’s plans and thinking but will not have much luck finding out. Snake also finds that the Horse is too hyper and overbearing. The Snake is too determined, private and refined for the Horse’s strong preferences. Both of them have to be very unselfish in order to make this relationship work.

Horse and Horse

Have a lot in common. Cooperation and teamwork are possible since they can work at similar speed. If they were born in different season then it would be better so that this can provide more variety to their relationship. Both of them are passionate, restless and independent. Their witty, lively, adventurous and materialistic personalities may make life very hectic but that doesnt guarantee that this duo will get anywhere unless one of them is skilful enuogh to control the other. These two may have difficulties to build a solid foundation for a home as all Horses are bored by routine and restrictions.

Horse and Sheep

Very compatible and successful ties. Strong affinity and attraction for each other. The combination of the Horse and the Sheep will be surprisingly compatible. The Horse can give the insecure Sheep confidence, optimism and strength. Both dislike sticking to any routine so this couple decide to live by their own rule. The Sheep is sensitive and moody while the cheerful and humorous Horse can liven up the Sheep’s mood. And when the brash Horse gets snippy with the delicate Sheep, peace is restored with an apology andd a gift from the heart.

Horse and Monkey

No strong ties or understanding but will cooperate to a certain degree to achieve common goals. The Horse and the Monkey can get along fine because both are adaptable, flexible and accepting. However, the Horse is quick tempered and impulsive while the Monkey is naughty and hyperactive. The arrogant and mischievous Monkey has a tendency to tease or incite the Horse to anger and this can create problems. At times these two also can compete each other for dominance, then there will be a battle of strength and wits. Neither sign is known for their longevity in a relationship. The Monkey always has his/her eyes peeled for something new while the Horse bored easily.

Horse and Rooster

Some personality clashes but will be able to work out their differences. At the beginning these two might be complimenting about each other’s strengths. But as time goes by, the impatient Horse may find the Rooster too critical and demanding. And the efficient Rooster will be complaining and criticizing the inconsistent Horse who spreads itself too thin on many projects and cant seem to remain devotedd to or focused on one thing. When the perfectionist Rooster shows her/his argumentative nature, the quick tempered Horse will be annoyed and walk away.

Horse and Dog

Very happy and compatible union. The Dog is one of the best partner for the Horse. Deep understanding and affinity for one another. Success and prosperity in love and partnership. Both are demonstrative and animated person who can find real joy in their union. The Dog is loyal and sincere enough to follow the excellent vibrations of the Horse. The moody and pessimistic Dog is encouraged by the humorous and high-spirited Horse. The Dog will not mind the Horse’s dominance and will happily follow the Horse on his/her long travels. The Horse appreciates the Dog’s considerate and communicative nature and finds it easy to share ideas and thoughts with the Dog.

Horse and Boar

No special attraction but no strong clashes either. Moderately compatible and this relationship is worth a try. The sociable and popular Pig enjoys parties and so does the fun-loving Horse. Both are quick-tempered but also quick to forgive. The good-natured Pig will be willing enough to let the Horse dominate the relationship and will support the Horse in whatever he/she do. But then again, the fun-loving Pig will crave for more affection and togetherness than the self-centred Horse can provide. At some point, the Horse may try to test the Pig’s tolerance. In order for the relationship to work, this couple needs to comunicate better and compromise for each other.


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