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The Chinese zodiac compatibility can be applied to the relationship between parents and their children, brothers and sisters, lovers, husband and wife, friends and business partners.

Dragon and Rat

Excellent match. The Rat is one of the best partner for the Dragon. The Rat is intelligent, the Dragon is powerful, both are aggressive and adventurous. They will work for success, happiness and prosperity together. The Dragon frankness and the Rat’s cunningness will compliment each other to make their partnership fruitful. The insecure Rat will find security with the Dragon and the Dragon will be less impulsive with the Rat.

Dragon and Ox

When you put a furious Dragon with the inflexible Ox, what you get is a constant fighting combination. Both are equally powerful, attractive and passionate, but there’s huge differences between these two big signs. The Ox prefers to lead an organized life whereas the Dragon love adventurous life. Ox is a very conservative person while the Dragon is a person who bored easily and like changes. Ox is a serious person who likes to bury him/herself into work while the Dragon is a person who needs a lot of entertainment. Ox likes to stick by the rule while Dragon hates rules. In the beginning there might be strong physical attraction but their relationship might not be long-lived as they two are almost totally opposites.

Dragon and Tiger

A relationship between these two furious signs will never be boring. Both are adventurous and free-spirited. The Tiger of course is more impulsive of the two. They are acceptable because both are action-oriented, equally ambitious and talented. Neither of them is intimidated by the other although sometimes they will fight for dominance. Since both of them cannot survive in loneliness so they wont fight for long and get reconciled. They are also similar in temperament and because they are both frank and straightforward, they will understand each other very well.

Dragon and Rabbit

They have few things in common and will be able to tolerate or relate to each other to a certain extend only. The Rabbit will need the Dragon’s strength and daring while the Dragon relies on the Rabbit competence and companionship. But the Rabbit might find the domineering Dragon overbearing at times and as long as there’s no violence or yelling, the Rabbit can deal with it. Dragon is dynamic, unorganized and hates rules while Rabbit is calm, neat and law abiding. The Dragon love to be in the spotlight whereas Rabit prefers a peaceful and a quiet life. When problems occur, they need to be addressed, not left to fester, which is something Rabbit likes to do.

Dragon and Dragon

Compatible to a certain extend. Not a very peaceful arrangement as both of them are strong-willed, individualistic and aggressive. Neither like to be overshadowed and will fight for leadership and dominate. Two of them are demanding and inflexible and will not back off and surrender to get things they want. In the end these two may constantly fight with each other. But if these two can cooperate and live together peacefully, they will form a huge pillar of strength.

Dragon and Snake

Will understand and will cooperate to each other. Successful and compatible relations in business and love. In this combination, the Snake is the schemer and Dragon is the one who will execute the plan. If these two diverse personalities can adjust to each other, this will be a fulfilling and stimulating relationship. Both the Snake and the Dragon are highly competitive and fearless creatures who are thirsty for power. Each brings respect and admiration to the relationship. In order to reach to the top, the impulsive and inconsistent Dragon will need to listen to the wise Snake in achieving their mutual goals. And the Snake will need extra patience to deal with the Dragon.

Dragon and Horse

Moderate ties. Both the Horse and the Dragon are emotional, so it could be love at first sight when these two meet. These two can get along pretty well but the relationship just isn’t as passionate and intense as when it started. The Horse and the Dragon are highly impatient and impulsive and they often lose their tempers very fast. The Horse is more rebellious and difficult when it comes to commitment between these two. But fortunately they are the type of people who speak up about their disagreements or grudges. They might want to learn and pay attention more to each other’s likes and dislikes. In order for the relationship to work, both must learn to understand and respect each other.

Dragon and Sheep

May not turn out to be such an appealing pair. This combination is not recommended as the two share a few common interests. They will live harmoniously after much effort. Dragon is adventurous and the Sheep might find the Dragon to be too energetic to live peacefully with. The Sheep is too delicate for the brash Dragon and the quick tempered Dragon may make the soft-hearted Sheep run and hide. The Sheep is a homebody and a family lover while the Dragon may not care to be so domesticated. At first they are very passionate and care about each other but the unpredictable Dragon’s mood can change anytime .

Dragon and Monkey

Excellent combination for marriage and partnership. Both the Dragon and Monkey are aggressive and highly competitive. The Dragon is powerful and the Monkey is smart. The Dragon finds the hyperactive Monkey interesting as the Monkey is creative and will always know how to steal the Dragon’s heart and make him/her laugh. And the Monkey will appreciate the Dragon’s support and strength. Both are not the type who sit and wait and two of them are also love to be in the spotlight. In order to protect this great relationship, the Dragon should not try his/her useless attempts to dominate the Monkey as the Monkey is too smart to be defeated and the Monkey should stop teasing the explosive Dragon with bad remarks or comments.

Dragon and Rooster

Successful and very compatible match. They will establish deep and lasting bonds in the relationship. The optimistic Dragon admires the Rooster’s intelligence and courage. The dauntless Rooster appreciates the Dragon’s confidence and strength. Both are equally powerful and will work well together toward their mutual goals. Both of these creatures are also love being in the spotlight, so there might be a time where two of them are fighting over it. These two will be happier if both agree on what areas each should control and they must not try to over-power each other for their accomplishments

Dragon and Dog

Animosities and strong conflicts. Being six years apart from the Dragon, the Dog is considered the worst partner for the Dragon. These two are highly incompatible, they cannot comprehend or trust one another. The Dragon is a person who hates rules and regulations and prefers to do things he/she thinks is right while the humanitarian Dog is a person with a strong sense of justice and will not hesitate to bark constantly at the Dragon if she/he thinks the Dragon has done something which is not right. The Dog is loyal while the Dragon is flirty and loves independence.

Dragon and Boar

Can and will cooperate for common goals. No large differences or serious struggles for dominance. Cordial and workable relations. The Pig and the Dragon will have no trouble cooperating for the same goals as these two have a few personalities which make them quite compatible. Both are gregarious, strong, courageous and quick tempered creatures, they both will admire and respect each other. The Pig adores the confident and optimistic Dragon while the Dragon appreciates the sincere and easy going nature of the pig. The indecisive Pig will no doubt prefers the Dragon to take control of the duo, the Pig prefers to stay at the back and give full support. The Dragon is impulsive while the Pig is patient and enduring.


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