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The zodiac animals compatibility can be applied to the relationship between lovers, husband and wife, brothers and sisters, parents and their children, friends and business partners.

Dog and Rat

Could have good teamwork in common aims. The Dog and the Rat respect each other and can be an amicable couple. They are both straightforward, diligent and respect their own family. Although both can be quite pessimistic and insecure but the energetic and high-spirited Rat can make the Dog becomes more enthusiastic toward life. The Rat sometimes might find it difficult to understand the sentimental Dog who tend to be very generous and give money away. The practical Rat however is going to be more anxious over the money and will try to save as much as possible. These two will learn from each other and both will know how to resolve their problems in the end.

Dog and Ox

Do not have many areas of similar interests, and the Dog might suffer in this Dog-Ox union. Both are loyal and faithful and will take their conjugal duties seriously. One of the biggest difficulties that could arise from this relationship is the overbearing attitude and rigid opinions of the Ox. The Dog prefers equality and free speech and may not humour the Ox for too long. The Ox is a too serious person who always ‘work and no play’, but the affectionate Dog needs entertainment sometimes. This relationship needs a lot of understanding and compromise.

Dog and Tiger

Excellent match. Will achieve prosperity and success in love and business relations. The Dog and the Tiger seem to know how to get along perfectly. Both are sincere and frank, when something becomes a problem, they will not hide away from the confrontation. These two have the same humanitarian interests and both are idealistic by nature. The diplomatic Dog is more logic and objective than the animated but hotheaded Tiger, so the Dog should be the one who advise the Tiger when he/she gets too emotional and impulsive. On the other hand, Tiger is affectionate, demonstrative and honest with his/her feelings which the Dog likes. The Tiger’s sanguine disposition could liven up their relationship. A combination which brings out the best in both.

Dog and Rabbit

Highly compatible and rewarding relationship. Will find happiness and prosperity together. Deep trust and affinity for one another. Rabbit is intelligent, diplomatic, charming, and imaginative. Dog is straightforward and agreeable in manner. Two of them enjoy honest fun and entertainment. Both will also allow each other a fair degree of independence. The Dog is less materialistic and more understanding while the Rabbit has a strong need for luxury and comfort. A combination that shuold bring out the best in each of the partners.

Dog and Dragon

Being six years apart, the Dragon and the Dog is considered the worst partner for each other. Each may have the wrong chemistry for the other. Both are forceful and aggressive but in different ways. The naive Dragon has too many grand plans that the intuitive Dog will not hesitate to criticize. The logical Dog finds that the Dragon is not realistic while the Dragon cannot stand the cynical Dog andd dislikes to be questioned on every one of her or his dreams.

Dog and Snake

Fairly amicable ties. Will cooperate to a good extent. The Dog admires the talents and intelligence of the Snake while the Snake is touched by the dedication and loyalty of the Dog. The Dog is smart to overlook the selfish and secretive nature of the Snake but the Snake is inclined towards more luxury and sophistication than the unmaterialistic Dog can endure. However, the Snake will learn to accept the Dog’s nagging and can have an amicable life together as long as both can accept each other for what she or he is.

Dog and Horse

Successful and happy relations in love and partnership. The Horse is one of the best partner for the Dog. The Dog is intelligent and honourable enough to work well with the humourous and capable Horse. The Horse also finds the Dog to be practical and very reasonable to depend on. The Horse is generous and willingly enough to see the charitable Dog spending or giving so much money to save the world. Together the Horse and the Dog will get the cooperation they seek and both still be able to enjoy the degree of independence and individualism they require.

Dog and Sheep

Incompatible team as these two share very little in common. The Sheep is too sentimental and delicate for the supportive and dependable Dog. The Sheep wistful ways will serve to irritate the cooperative Dog, who will be more impatient and curt than sympathetic. The dependent of the Sheep can also make the Dog’s pessimistic or nervous energy worse. The Sheep is unselfish and tolerant if handled correctly but in this case the Sheep may be dejected and withdrawn by the Dog’s hardy and direct manner.

Dog and Monkey

Have underlying respect for each other. Good and workable relations in love and partnerships if both are forgiving and generous enough to discount the other’s frailties. The Monkey will admire the Dog’s sensible approach and logical outlook while the Dog will see the Monkey as a capable go-getter and will appreciate the Monkey’s witty and charming personality. Monkey is the more materialistic of the two and the Dog is more idealistic. Monkey values tangible wealth. Dog puts her/his principle first. This duo could contentedly travel the middle of the road.

Dog and Rooster

Some resentment and communication gaps. Nothing solid or lasting will result from this relationship. These two are discriminating and forthright souls who can be displeased easily with each other’s faults. They normally have to strive harder to be more agreable and this match can bring out each other’s most offensive traits. The Rooster is too rigid with his/her opinion and the Rooster’s high expectation for his/her partner is too high which can make the Dog cant even breath. The Dog is a popular humanitarian and loves to do good deed and willingly enough to give big money to those who need it whereas the Rooster can be downright stingy, thrifty and very calculating.

Dog and Dog

They are reasonably compatible. When two Dog join together, each of them will starts to swing its tail excitedly. Both are honest and accountable, they share the same moral standards, and are commited to their duty and action. Dogs love to work as a team and they will respect each other’s judgments and decisions. Nonetheless, there will still be some strugles for dominance. If one rubs the wrong way to the other, their argumentative nature will take over and barking contest will begin. In this union, there is no large problems as long as they consult and respect each other.

Dog and Boar

The Dog and the Pig will have a wonderful time together. Both are sincere and honest. The Dog and the Pig find it easy to communicate, and share their feelings and thoughts with each other. There will be no major conflicts between these two, this combination will benefit the Dog the most. The optimistic and cheerful Pig can teach the somtimes overly serious Dog how to loosen up a litle bit, and the dependable Dog will be protective of the Pig.


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