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Rooster Zodiac SignMetal Rooster

This is an arrogant, exacting, practical and extremely competitive type of Rooster. The element of Metal makes the already headstrong Rooster even more stubborn, opinionated and stuck up. These double-metal Roosters have high expectation of others and even themselves, they pay attention to all the details and are very organized. Investigative, optimistic and proud, metal Rooster will have a passionate attitude towards work. Calculating, firm and rigid, they are usually a workaholic who are eager to win fame and wealth. Metal Roosters have the gift of oratory, which they can use to drown out the voices of their opponent. On the negative side, these Roosters are picky to a fault, they dont subscribe to the viewpoints of others easily and their criticism offends.

Water Rooster

The Water Roosters are a bit more docile than other Roosters. They are reasonable Roosters who seem to analyze every decision thay make and every situation they find themselves in. They are more tranquil, quieter, not as vocal or as spotlight hungry as other Roosters. The element of water heightens the Roosters’ intelligence. Clearheaded and practical, these great communicators always know how to seek out andd use resources to achieve their goals. The Water Roosters are not as austere and self-sacrificing as other Roosters. They are somewhat obsessed with systems and technology, and sometimes, health and medicine. When they are obsessed with perfection, they could be bureaucratic and trivial. This is the intellectual type of Rooster who enjoy cultural pursuits.

Wood Rooster

The Wood Roosters are different in that they enjoy being a part of the team rather than in the spotlight like other Roosters. The element of wood creates a Rooster with high integrity. They like the company of others and can work for the betterment of society. Less stubborn than most Roosters, the Wood Roosters can be considerate and have a wider outlook in life. They expect quality attempts frm others involved with the causes and can expect too much of their co-volunters as they do of themselves. Social and open-minded, these Roosters can be devoted to social welfare and their impressive organized minds also help them excel in their work performance. But the Wood Roosters are still Roosters, and therefore their high standards can drive everyone crazy and their criticism is alweys hard to swallow.

Fire Rooster

The element of fire, combined with the Rooster’s personality creates an exceptional individual who is a great leader, pioneer or hero. The Fire Roosters are people of action, they are vigorous, very authoritative and highly motivated. Although considered temperamental and overdramatic, the Fire Roosters will be able to operate independently and with great skill and precision. Always focused and strongly principled, these Roosters can single-mindedly pursue their goals and will not easily be moved by others’ opinions and feelings. Tough, inflexible and difficult to compromise, the professional Fire Roosters will always have noble intentions behind their actions. The intense and diligent Fire Roosters will abide fanatically by their own views and conduct their own fact-finding tours and feasibility studies.

Earth Rooster

These analytical Earth Roosters like to dig for the truth. They are a little reserved and more careful in their decision-making. They are more serious and hardworking as well, and can handle several tasks at once. The element of earth calm the Roosters and make them less talkative and dramatic than other Roosters. Earth also ensures that they will be accurate, efficient and careful in carrying out assignments. The Earth Roosters are very efficient, self-sufficient and can be trusted with truckload of responsibilities. They will know how to brush aside tthe trimmings and view the hard, cold facts for themselves. With these Roosters, you will get the bottom line first. Fanatically systematic, the Earth Roosters will keep notes, file data and record everything they do for posterity.



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