Zodiac Signs

Taurus Zodiac Sign, April 21-May 20

Symbol: the Bull
Element: Earth.
Stem: Negative.
Quality: Fixed Sign.
Ruling Planet: Venus.
Season: Spring.
Birthstones: Emeralds and Sapphires.

Taurus Symbol

Taurus Characteristics

The second sign in the zodiac, Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus. Taurus (the bull) is practical, reliable, peaceful and determined. Taurus people are stable, hardworking, methodical, prudent, loyal, thrifty, kindhearted, and they possess great personal charm. They also have good looks, and a lovely speaking voice. People of this sign usually possess great physical strength and endurance. Their strong bodies are normally a bit stocky and quite muscular. They are more suited to jobs and sports requiring physical power and endurance than those based on speed and grace.

Usually Taurus people make very good friends as well as business partners because they are loyal and trustworthy. They will go out of their way in order to help a friend in need, and usually this help will be very tangible and practical. They make good spouses and parents, cherish traditional values, and rarely lose their temper.

Taurus people are noted for their determination and rarely get frazzled or upset. Most of the time Taureans are placid, easy to get along with and it takes a lot to get them angry, however, when you push them too far and they blow up, they can be very dangerous to others and themselves. Taureans are very passionate in both their sensuality and their anger. They are primarily concerned about improving their status and security and will uphold law and order in everything they undertake.

Easy-going and tolerant, the diplomatic Taureans believe in solid actions rather than words. They are also inclined to be successful financially in the long run. This steady and slow progress is attributable to reliability and a good work ethic. Usually They are quite responsible with money, unless its ascendant falls in air or fire sign. Taurus people prefer to stick with one field and then work their way up rather than jumpng from job to job (unless its ascendant is in Aquarius, Sagittarius, Gemini and Aries). They are willing to work hard for what they enjoy. Taureans are also unusually tough, can endure hardships and have a strong sense of responsibility. Tough and arrogant they do not know the word ‘failure’.

Just like the Chinese zodiac animal; Ox or Bull, Taurus is perhaps the most stubborn sign in the Western zodiac. Taurus are dependable and believe strongly in themselves. Once he forms an opinion, he is immovable and nothing will change his mind. With their innate ability and determination, they are able to achieve great things. Taureans get along best with people who have the same interests as their own. Taurus likes the good life, but tends to be careful with money, slowly building up wealth as he goes. Taurus is considered as the most stable sign of the zodiac. When it comes to getting things done Taureans are among the strongest signs because of their reliable persistence in moving toward completion of projects. Capricorn and Scorpio are the only signs that can compare with Taurus for sheer will power, tenacity, determination and endurance.

Taureans are very tidy, like to dress up in nice clothing and they tend to be good hosts and cooks. They not only like comfort for themselves but they also try to make others comfortable both psychologically and physically. Taurus people have to get lots of exercise, this is important for them since they have a tendency to evereat (this is far less likely if the ascendant is in Aquarius, Capricorn and Virgo). Taureans aren’t particularly inventive, but usually they can have some musical or artistic talents. They may not create unique things, but they have the folow-through to produce, improve, or recreate upon the ideas of others.

Faithful by nature, Taureans dont indulge in love affairs unnecessarily. They are friendly with the opposite sex but do not go far. Taureans can be in trouble if they develop a weakness for the opposite sex. Romantic and affectionate, Taurus people will take courtship and dating slowly and once committed, they will stay committed through thick and thin. They are afraid of change, and afraid of letting things go. Thus they might get really possessive at times, to the inconvenience of the companion.


Famous Taurus:
Andre Agassi, David Beckham, Jessica Alba, Karl Marx, Kirsten Dunst, Leonardo Davinci, Pope John Paul II, Queen Elizabeth II, Saddam Hussein, Stevie Wonder, Tony Blair, William Shakespeare.


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