Zodiac Signs

Scorpio Zodiac Sign, October 23-November 21

Symbol: the Scorpion
Element: Water.
Stem: Negative.
Quality: Fixed Sign.
Ruling Planet: Pluto.
Season: Autumn.
Birthstones: Bloodstone, Opals, Ruby and Tourmaline.


Scorpio Symbol

Scorpio Characteristics

Ruled by Pluto, as the eighth sign of the zodiac, Scorpios are considered the most profound and intense characters in the zodiac. The Scorpio individual is an intuitive, determined soul who gives life his all, for better or worse. They are one of the leader in the zodiac cycle.

Ambitious, forceful, intriquing and magnetic to others, Scorpios feel everything intensely and able to penetrate the depths of experience. They are good at discerning the motivations and deeper feelings of others. Scorpios are often know what other people are thinking and what are their next moves going to be. They have little interest in small talk and like to explore the profound in life.

These people are known for their shrewd intellects and their sharp minds. Scorpios are good at solving puzzles and love to unveil the mysteries of life and they also have a knack for figuring out what is actually going on behind the scene in any given situation. Highly intuitive and secretive, Scorpios can either be very emphatic and compassionate or very vindictive and cruel, because they know where other people’s weak points are.

Scorpio is quite similar with the Chinese zodiac, the enigmatic Snake, they are mysterius, secretive and have a very complex personality. Scorpios have personalities that is very deep and seductive, they often have piercing eyes and powerful gaze. Scorpios are often suspicious of others and many of them have a strong jealous streak. Highly emotional and sensitive, people born under this Scorpion symbol are most comfortable either alone or with the small circle of family and friends he is closest to. Scorpios are excellent judges of character, they have tremendous amount of sympathy for people who truly deserve it but no patience or sympathy for those who are the authors of their own misfortune.

Scorpios are extremists. Everything these risktakers is all-or-nothing. These survivors have a lot of physical courage and incredible endurance. They are extremely persistent and with their fierce determination Scorpios will go after what they want. He has a strong willpower and is not the one to accept defeat easily. Adversity only makes them stronger.

Scorpios can manage under the worst of conditions and they are good at overcoming obstacles. They are cool under pressure and allmost always in control of themselves. Compulsions and obsessions are common in Scorpios. They have a strong desire for power andd a fear of others having power over them.

Anyone who tries to harm or dominate a Scorpio will soon feel the sting. They can be vengeful, vicious and unforgiving. Scorpios are fiercely protective and self-sacrificing toward those they have sympathy. They will risk their lives unthinkingly in order to protect people who they care about. Ultimately, Scorpios fall to one of two extremes: they either represent the height of integrity orr the depth of diabolical cunning.

Scorpios are self-reliant and will almost never seek out the advice of others, preferring to look to themselves for their answers. Although appearing cool and calm Scorpios have a big ego. Scorpions can become the most loyal friend or the most treacherous enemy. This sign rules over death, rebirth and the occult and they are often interested in these subjects. Most Scorpios are not squeamish, and this fits them for careers in medicine and rescue operations. They dont listen to anyone’s advice but themselves and hate to have anyone telling them what to do.

Along with Capricorn, Scorpio is emotionally the strongest sign of the Zodiac. Scorpios are dynamic, powerful, tough, and passionate. Reliable and responsible, Scorpios will put their plans into action. The downside is that Scorpios tend to be revengeful and unforgiving, they also possessive, and get jealous easily. Reserved and withdrawn is also part of Scorpios characteristic but Scorpio natives have great wisdom and are often sought as life guides, even as gurus. They are often an influence of leadership and play important roles in the lives of people surrounding them.


Famous Scorpios:
Bill Gates, Condoleezza Rice, Demi Moore, Hillary R Clinton, Indira Gandhi, Julia Roberts, Larry King, Leonardo Dicaprio, Martin Luther, Prince Charles, Theodore Roosevelt.


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