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Gemini Zodiac Sign, May 21-June 20

Symbol: the Twins
Element: Air.
Stem: Positive.
Quality: Mutable Sign.
Ruling Planet: Mercury.
Season: Spring.
Birthstones: Chrysoberyl, Moonstone and Pearls

Gemini Symbol

Gemini Characteristics

Third sign that is ruled by Mercury, Geminis are adaptable and very intelligent. They are quick-learners. Enthusiastic and attractive, Geminis have a thirst for knowledge and require constant intellectual stimulation. They have quick minds and good at multitasking.

They love to see the world, meet as many people as they can, and have as many experiences as possible. They are not homebodies, but energetic and adventurous souls that remain youthful throughout their lives. They have a tendency to flit from one thing to another (even for career). They do better in jobs that provide opportunities for socializing and require a wide variety of tasks.

Imaginative, witty and restless, Geminis have many brilliant ideas, though they may have trouble following through and tend to leave a string of unfinished projects behind them. They want to know everything but usually never dig quite deep enough and just skimming the surface.

Cheerful, communicative and youthful, Gemini is the chatterbox of the zodiac, visiting many different people, writing a lot of email, and making a lot of phone calls. They dont like to be alone and always thinking of going out to interact with people. Most Geminis love gossip and travel. Inactivity bores them to death. Geminis are open-minded, fun and experimental, most of them are nonjudgmental, so you can relax and be yourself around a Gemini companion. Geminis are highly adaptable, like change and variety. They are restless and clever with the use of their hands. Gemini is intelligent, versatile, fickle, quick, neat, curious and creative. They learn very quickly and has the ability to get a good education. Although they are very quick to learn the basics of any new skill, but once they become bored Geminis quickly lose interest, move on, and get nothing done.

Not particularly cautious, Geminis tend to rush into things and as a result, many are accident-prone. Since Gemini people never want to miss anything, they often deprive their bodies of food or even sleep. As a result, Geminis can suffer from nervous exhaustion or malnutrition. They are also careless with their possessions or cash and may end up broke or in debt (unless the ascendant belongs to the more cautious signs of the zodiac). They are often style-conscious and follow the current fads.

Driven by impulses and whims, Gemini behaviour is often unpredictable and erratic, and in some cases, hyperactive and nervous. This can lead them to make impulsive decisions or make sweeping life changes just tto see what will happen. Those who express the ugly side of Gemini are fickle, unreliable, deceptive, superficial, gossipy and they arent always sensitive to the feeling of others while those who express the positive side are talented, generous, charming, adaptable, witty, open-minded and playful.

The symbol for Gemini is the Twins and some astrologers say that there are two distinct sides to his changeable personality. If today you see him like that, tomorrow might be the other way round. Gemini has more than one personality, which can change in a flash, and those near to them would do well to learn them both. When Geminis focus their energy and intelligence in the right direction, they experience much success in life. They are bright and versatile. If you have found a romantic partner in a Gemini, you have a young at heart lover who wants to try new things and is always looking for a new adventure. The downside is that the character of Gemini people are filled with a lot of nervous energy.


Famous Geminis:
Angelina Jolie, Brooke Shields, Donald Trump, George Bush, John F Kennedy, Johnny Depp, Marilyn Monroe, Naomi Campbell, Paula Abdul, Queen Victoria.


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