Snake Zodiac

Sixth in Chinese Horoscope Signs order

Hours ruled by the Snake: 9 A.M to 11 A.M.
Direction of its sign: South-Southeast.
Season and principal month: Spring-May.
Fixed element: Fire.
Stem: Negative.
Western zodiac equivalent: Taurus.
Lucky birthstones: Opal.

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Chinese Zodiac of Snake

Snake Personality:

Born under the sign of wisdom, Snake is the wisest, deepest thinker, most enchanting and biggest enigma of the Chinese cycle. Snake people are endowed with deep philosophical understanding. They are born thinkers who excel in finding solutions to complex problems. They make deals and do the killing when they judge the moment is right. Depth and charisma make the Snake a formidable presence. What you see is not what you get. His computer-like brain never stops plotting. This highly intelligent creature like to meditate and plan.

He will gravitate towards all the finer things in life. A person of this sign generally relies on his own judgement and does not communicate well with others. They prefer to give advice than to receive it and do not like indulging in useless small talk or frivolities. Like the Dragon, the Snake is a karmic sign, his life ends in triumph or tragedy as his past actions dictate. And although he will deny it, he is very superstitious behind his sophisticated front. The downside is that the Snake is ruthless, Snake has the staying power to wait for the time is ripe for his revenge.

Snakes spend a lot of time in his head, but they are not a worrier. Rather, they pass their quiet time in reflection and contemplation. Of all the twelve signs of the Chinese animal zodiac, the Snake is most closely associated with wisdom. They pay more attention to their intuition than logic.They are probably have many insatiable thirst and interests for knowledge, which result in an increasingly complex persona. Just when people think they know the Snake, they find out that he/she has developed a totally new interest. Not only that they discover the Snake has quickly grasped the subject.

Although Snakes are more than willing to share their knowledge, they have a penchant for secrecy when it comes to their personal life. Snakes like to work with their intelligence more than their muscles, and they prefer to organize and plan than to work with getting their hands dirty. Snakes don't really like to be on stage but rather prefer holding the puppet's strings from behind the scenes. The Snake is often being the mastermind behind many big, important or major events.

They are very mysterious because they don’t reveal their thoughts or emotions to anyone. They have such a strong distrust for others that they are very secretive. The Snake’s memory is so good that if anyone crosses him/her, the Snake can hold the grudge for years without expressing any feelings. One day when tthe time is right and it is least expected, boom!, they strike back without any mercy. No other animal can be as patient as the Snake.

People born under this sign are also persistent and patient. They can stick to one goal no matter how hard it is to get that goal. They are graceful, but they are also often quite vain, selfish and stingy. Snake people usually never have to worry about money as they are financially fortunate. They are determined in whateve they do and hate to fail.

Usually Snake people are good-looking but often have martial problems because they are fickle. They are also elegant, generous, tenacious, oversuspicious, merciless, sceptical, competitive, hedonistic, and romantic.  Snake often show extraordinary sympathy when presented with an opportunity to help those who truly in need. However, the most beautiful women and most powerful men tend to be born under this sign. So if you are one of the Snake people you are in good company.


Famous Snake:
Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D Roosevelt, Henry Ford II, Indira Ghandi, John F kennedy,
Mahatma Gandhi, Mao Tse-Tung, Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali,  Oprah Winfrey, Pierce Brosnan.

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