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In Chinese zodiac, one of its most interesting uses is to explore the compatibility of animal signs. That is, which duos will make good friends, partners, or even lovers. You can find out which signs are the most or least compatible with yours on my Animal Signs Compatibility page.

It is also important to note that the compatibility tables and information are specially true when you are dealing with ‘pure’ signs (or strongly dominant lunar signs). A Rooster born in the hours of the Rooster is a ‘pure’ sign. A person who born in the year of the Dragon and during the hours of the Rabbit, most likely he will maintain his more ‘dominant’ Dragon personality. But a person who born in the year of the Sheep and during the hours of the Tiger, then he may display the ‘stronger’ Tiger traits of his ascendant sign. In this case, he might also be more compatible with a Dog-born people.

It is therefore, in Chinese astrology they will not see your birth sign alone. So whenever you consult for marriage combinations or business partners, it is very important to keep in your mind that other factors in the horoscope also affect the relationship between two signs.

When you are born during the hours of the sign most incompatible with your birth sign, it is often very difficult for many fortune readers (or even for the most experienced fortune readers) to predict what traits will be most likely to dominate within you. One of the methods used to determine which sign dominates in a person is to find out the lunar signs of the people he/she attracted to or prefers to work with.

According to the astrology experts, the animal sign of the year of your birth has the 1st degree of importance, followed by the animal sign which ruled the hours (ascendant) of your birth and third is the animal sign of the month of your birth. So if you are a Sheep, i can say that you will be most compatible with a Rabbit or Pig. But if your ascendant sign is Snake, then i can also deduce that you will have an affinity for Ox people and may also get on well with the Rooster people. If your ascendant sign tends to dominate your personality, you may even shun the Pig (which is actually an excellent partner for the Sheep), this is because your ascendant sign is most incompatible with Pigs.



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