Feng Shui Road Location

Roads conduct Chi or feng shui energy to our environment and transport patterns will affect the nature of a neighbourhood. The approach roads to our home and the major highways surrounding our neighbourhood exert a far greater effect on our feng shui than we realize. Living close to urban highways is an obvious health risk, the same thing happens if you are living on suburban ‘rat run’.

In feng shui, the traffic on your road can be compared to the flow of the river. When the traffic is stronger then the stronger also the river flow would be. A slow moving river that meanders is considered auspicious while a straight fast flowing one is not. Similarly, a road with light traffic is fine but a busy highway is considered not auspicious.

If a road is a big one with plenty of traffic then the potency and strength of the Chi generated is more powerful than those of a small lane. The speed of traffic flow is also important, when the traffic moves very fast, negative chi could be created along the road just like a bullet bringing the harmful energy.

The chi energy would be a lot more benevolent when the flow of traffic moves slowly and therefore much more useful in its effects. That is why secondary roads (such as the ones within suburban neigbourhoods, housing estates or gated communities) usually bring better feng shui than primary roads, highways or ring roads.

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It is also inauspicious if a busy highways runs past the back of your house. The roads or rivers should flow towards the facing of your house and flow away from the back. In feng shui, this can also means money (water) is flowing in but not out.

In feng shui, winding roads are normally preferred than straight roads. Chi travels fast on straight urban roads and thus residents may not relax easily. Roads that ‘hug’ our apartment building or home, or are winding in their approach towards our home bring better feng shui than straight roads pointing directly to your entrance.

feng shui road

The road gently curves and 'hugs' the house A. This is a very auspicious position for a house dwelling.

Avoid buildings or homes at the T-junction or at the end of a cul-de-sac, those locations are on the receiving end of the straight-flowing energy (sha chi). In many cases people can feel how the sha chi or energy of the T-junction literally ‘hits’ their houses with sharp, aggressive sha chi quality energy. If your house is already in this position, then you can use a bagua mirror on the outside of your house to counter this problem. Other alternative way is to put some plants in front to absorb the negative energy but make sure they are not too tall as it is better for your property to have an open area in front.

feng shui dead end road

The house facing the entrance is at risk since the chi seems to hurtle towards it, as at a T-junction.

Check the transport patterns before purchasing a new home and visit at different times of the day. Elevated roads are considered harmful especially if they seem to ‘cut’ into your home or building. You can try to use some element cures in order to counter this slicing effect of such roads but usually they are very hard to remedy.

feng shui road leading to house

The road appears to cut the building like a knife. The constant flow past the window will leave residents tetchy. Residents in the house will feel overwhelmed and apprehensive. This is not a good house to live in, residents will feel oppresed and have no energy.

The visual impact of a flyover in a residential area can be devastating. The fast moving traffic conducts chi away from the area and will greatly affect the fortunes of those living at eye level or underneath the flyover.

Avoid living in a house that is sandwiched between two roads. It is worse if one road is higher than the other especially if the lower road is behind the house as this suggests there is absolutely no support.



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