Feng Shui Kitchen

The kitchen is listed by many feng shui experts as the most important room in the house as well as the most difficult room to deal with. Kitchen is regarded as the center of the family's fortune and wealth, so it should be kept spick and span. The direction a kitchen faces has a great effect on its function. Many kitchen in ancient China were open to the south-east in order to catch the breezes that wuold help ignite the cooking stove.

The kitchen is considered to be the heart of our home since ancient times. You can use feng shui to make it a happy, useful and healthy heart! When you have discovered in which direction your kitchen lies, you can use “The relatonships of the Five Elements” table to help you create balance. Your kitchen is considered to be more Yang (positive) in nature with strong dominance of the Fire element. But it is also the area that requires least balancing because kitchen is usually already contain all the five elements needed – the stove, cooker and electrical cooking appliances represent fire element, the earthenware such as clay pots from the earth element, the wooden cabinet from wood, metal utensils from metal and as for water, it comes from our running water out from the tap.

How to Organize Your Kitchen



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