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In feng shui, the best shape for a house is square. Beside it is the symbolic shape for earth, it is also well proportioned – it gathers, supports and nourishes. Another recommended shape is rectangular. Where houses are not a uniform shape, you need to make them more regular.

An L-shaped building or home is considered inauspicious because the shape is said to resemble a meat cleaver and the room located in its ‘blade’ is believed to be the worst position. Those who live in this room may feel isolated and unwanted. L-shaped homes also indicates that something is ‘missing’ or unbalanced because it looks like ¼ of its area is cut. An L-shaped home with a dining room, kitchen and bedroom in the extended area can give you a lack of family unity or cause marital discord. Other rooms in this area can cause financial difficulties, loss of concentration and failures at work.

Exposed beams, dark corners, slanting walls and pointed edges are not recommended in feng shui. Beams can suppress the chi of those who live beneath them, dark corners accumulate stagnant chi, slanting walls create a visual imbalance in a room while pointed edges create poison arrows.


All of us should have a view of the sky through the seasons so that we wont lose our connection with the natural world. Those who keep their curtains closed during the day, the chances are that they may feel depressed and vulnerable. The windows should allow us to see out (not in) as much as possible. Too few windows would restrict chi into the house and create yin atmosphere inside while too much windows can create excessive yang because they blast our house with too much chi.


Front doors should open inwards, allowing fresh chi to enter our home. Our front doors should be larger than theback doors and the size of the doors needs to be proportional to the size of our home – too big may cause you losing opportunities while too small can lead to many arguments and bickers.

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feng shui doors facing each other

If doors are located opposite each other, you can place an obstruction such as a bookcase or a table to slow down the chi.

feng shui door facing

Where doors are out of alignment, then create a balance by positioning pictures or mirrors on each side.

feng shui door alignment

Where there are three or more doors in a row, break up the perspective by hanging low lights or positioning semi-circular tables to slow down the chi.

Roads and Paths

In feng shui, winding roads are normally preferred than straight roads. Chi travels fast on straight urban roads and thus residents may not relax easily. Roads that ‘hug’ our apartment building or home (see home A on the pic below), or are winding in their approach towards our home bring better feng shui than straight roads pointing directly to your entrance.

feng shui dead end road feng shui road

Avoid buildings or homes at the T-junction or at the end of a cul-de-sac, those locations are on the receiving end of the straight-flowing energy (sha chi). In many cases people can feel how the sha chi or energy of the T-junction literally ‘hits’ their houses with sharp, aggressive sha chi quality energy. If your house is already in this position, then you can use a bagua mirror on the outside of your house to counter this problem. Other alternative way is to put some plants in front to absorb the negative energy but make sure they are not too tall as it is better for your property to have an open area in front.

Check the transport patterns before purchasing a new home and visit at different times of the day. Elevated roads are considered harmful especially if they seem to ‘cut’ into your home or building. You can try to use some element cures in order to counter this slicing effect of such roads but usually they are very hard to remedy.

feng shui road leading to house

The visual impact of a flyover in a residential area can be devastating. The fast moving traffic conducts chi away from the area and will greatly affect the fortunes of those living at eye level or underneath the flyover.

Avoid living in a house that is sandwiched between two roads. It is worse if one road is higher than the other especially if the lower road is behind the house as this suggests there is absolutely no support.



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