Feng Shui Home Office

Home office differs from study in that it is more yang because home office have more contact with the outside world. Below are some of the useful and simple ways you can do to maintain a clean, organized, happy, lucky and well-balanced office area at home using the basic principles of Feng Shui.

How to Organize Your Home Office

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Use Bagua to arrange your desk according to Feng Shui principles:

Feng Shui Desk

  1. This area represents career or the start of the day. it should be clear to open up possibilities for your day ahead.
  2. This area represents relationships. It is suitable for placing brochures or details of people that you will meet them often for business.
  3. This area represents health. Displaying plants here is a good idea for your business longevity and stability.
  4. This area represents wealth. Many people place a healthy plant or a crystal bowl here to enrich this area for their business. You can also place your accounts and paying-in books here but not cheque book because it symbolizes money going out.
  5. You should not leave things to pile up here. Use this central area for the task in hand, after that clear it away.
  6. This area represents Helpful People. This place is suitable for placing address book and telephone.
  7. This area represents Children or Projects. It is suitable for placing your project files here.
  8. This area represents Knowledge and Wisdom. Store your reference books here.
  9. This area represents Fame. You can display or place auspicious images or statues here so that it can represent future possibilities.



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