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Prevention is always better than cure. If you are trying to live in a house that is inappropriate for your life’s orientation but then try to adjust it with Feng Shui, this will not be a rational behavior.

Our surroundings can have a huge impact on our life – to the point of affecting our personal happiness, our prosperity and even the opportunities that come to us in our life – thus making our choice of home a very, very important one. Since most of your important moments in life occur in your house, the house thus becomes more than just four walls where you sleep and eat. This is why careful consideration is needed if we are thinking about purchasing another home.

There are two things you may want to consider when purchasing a new house – the tangible and the intangible. The tangible items such as location, price, condition and size, whereas the intangible items include considerations such as how the home is situated on the lot, its location on a street, the relationships to other homes or buildings, how the home flows inside, etc.

How to Choose a Good Feng Shui Location For Your New Home

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Feng Shui Home Location
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Feng Shui home location



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