What is Geopathic Stress

Geopathic – the word which comes from the Greek, ‘geo’ means ‘earth’ and ‘pathos’ means ‘disease’ or ‘suffering’. The term ‘geopathic stress’ is used to describe harmful or negative energies which emanate from our earth and cause ill health and discomfort to those living above.

The earth has a natural magnetic field. The rotation of our earth actually creates electrical currents in the molten metals located within its core and thereby producing a magnetic field.

Being evolved with this background magnetic field, human beings are accustomed to living within its presence. When the earth’s magnetic field is disturbed, either artificially or naturally, then geopathic stress (also known as harmful earth rays) will occur and the background field we normally experience will also change.

This can happen if the natural radiations from the earth are being distorted by weak electromagnetic fields created by subterranean running water, drains, sewers, fault lines, certain mineral concentrations and underground cavities.

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People are now aware that underground water has adverse effects on living things above them. After they discovered that livestocks were feeling uneasy or ill in certain locations, some geomancers used the water dowsing and found that underneath these locations were streams of underground water. When using a sensitive electromagnetic meter, the geomancers could also detect a weak electromagnetic field.

After careful study, they found that this electromagnetic field is created by the underground water passing thruogh the soil particles. The interactions between the water and the soil particles generate a weak electromagnetic force. This interactions can produce positive ions which are harmful to life. Not only that, they also warned that the sensitive scintillators had detected faint gamma radiation from underground water which can cause further damage to living things. They believe that before the underground water comes to the surface and emits the gamma radiation, it could had been passing through radioactive soil particles deep below the ground.

water dowsing rods

Dowsing rods are part of a Feng Shui consultant's tools. Metal coat hangers also work for dowsing.

This means that underground water courses directly under a house or any area can cause an adverse effect to those who live just above it. According to the independent Germany study, people who stay in houses with underground water courses are prone to cancer. Food in such houses may goes stale or rot much faster than those kept in ordinary houses. In barns with animal livestocks, many animals were reportedly fall prey to ailments with underground water or faultlines below them. The faultlines are cracks in the earth surfaces which allow radiation from beneath to seep above. Geopathic stress can also affect the fabric of the building. Walls and pavements may crack, light bulbs blow for no apparent reason and plaster become damp. Redecorated rooms still feel gloomy and “not quite right”.

This is why feng shui masters always recommend us not to have “sewerage” pipes and other watercourses running below a house.

Geopathic stress is not only electromagnetic in origin. It can also be caused by earth’s energies vibrating at a level beyond the electromagnetic spectrum currently detected and recognized by conventional technology and science. These energies are also referred to as earth energies – it can be good, bad or neutral. Energies from the earth have many different features, but all problems we get are mostly caused by underground water streams and Straight energy lines (Ley Lines, Curry Grid Lines and Hartman Grid Lines). Any feature which affects the natural magnetic field of the earth will probably also affect our earth’s energies as these are linked in some way.

Although detrimental energies will affect people’s health but there are also certain organisms which prosper above these energies such as peach, nectarine, cherry, elderberry, fir, oak trees, mistletoe, bees, ants, cats, parasites and bacteria. Organisms that will suffer from these detrimental energies are nut, apple, pear, plum trees, beech, lilacs, sun flowers, horses, dogs, pigs, cows, birds and chickens.

Geopathic stress has become many times stronger over the years. Many experts believe this is due to ‘solar weather’ penetrating the weaker ozone layer more easily.

You can actually check yourself if there is geopathic stress in your home although there is no scientific instrument yet which is selective and sensitive enough. However, today there are many recognised methods of detecting geopathic stress in people such as Blood Crystalline Analysis, VEGA test, electro-acupuncture etc. which can also confirm whether the GS has been cleared.



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