Feng Shui Entrance Hall

The entrance hall is the ‘face’ of the house. The entrance hall as well as the hallway are the places where the home begins. Many feng shui practitioners like to choose the entrance hall to be the first place to apply feng shui for their home. The reason is that the main energy (called chi) will flow from the main door to our house and all the things passing through this door will receive the same energy. What kind of and how much energy we receive will be greatly influenced by our main door (whether it is balanced or not) so our main entrance will determine whether the Feng Shui of our home is good or bad.

Feng Shui recommends this part of our house to be spacious. A light, spacious hall with a pleasant, fresh smell and is neat and clean will make our spirits rise, whereas the long, dark corridor with a bad smell and full of clutter will also effect badly to our spirits and health. Good feng shui hall or lobby can give its residents’ minds, emotions and movements to be expressive, constructive and unburdened.

However, not everyone is lucky to have a large hallway – in this case, one of the favorite ways to solve this problem is mirror. Mirrors are considered to be an effective tool for energizing and redirecting energy.

How to Organize Your Entrance Hall



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