Feng Shui Conservatory

Conservatories are a favorite way of extending people’s homes and they can act as a mediating space between the house and the garden. When considering on purchasing a conservatory, it is very important that you decide on the shape and size that will suit your home as well as your requirements. If you have a small conservatory, you can choose a furniture that is compact with cushions in netral colors to make the room look more spacious.

Ancient Chinese architects designed gardens and homes to interconnect and regarded each of them as being essential to balance the other. Some conservatories are used for plants or as a garden room. Others have become a part of the home, taking on the role of their sitting room, dining room and in some cases kitchen.

Conservatory Kitchen

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The conservatory kitchen may becomes very warm in the summer and therefore adequate ventilation will be necessary. In fact, it is not considered auspicious in feng shui to have a glass roof in the kitchen because the food, the symbol of wealth, will evaporate away.

When fabric or a blind should be put up to block the sky, the choose those which are easy to clean. Make sure also that they are not highly flammable and do not hang too low. If working with the door behind you, then you should place a large shiny object or a sheet of metal so that you can see anyone entering the room.

Conservatory Dining Room

According to some feng shui masters, conservatory dining room can be treated the same way as a conventional diner, but there are some problems to be solved. Some of these conservatory rooms open directly into the kitchen as well as into the main living area. There will be also doors to the garden and many of the walls will be glass. This will make it hard to sit with support from behind and therefore chairs with high backs and arms are needed. You should also turn off any water features in this room during meals as they are not conducive to good digestion.

Conservatory Living Room

Some people use it as a living room and some use it as a room for enjoying an aperitif at the end of the day, but no matter what this conservatory used for, it will be a tranquil place so long as adequate shade and ventilation are provided. You can use a water feature to cool the air as long as it is placed in an auspicious spot. North is the right place as it represents water according to the Five Elements theory. If your conservatory sits in the east or south-west, this is the spot for a water feature which symbolizes present and future prosperity.



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