Feng Shui Chi

The Purpose of Feng Shui

The main goal in Feng shui is to create good or positive Chi in our environments so that it supports and nourishes a good flow of Chi inside our body. The quality of Chi we always want to have around us is the fresh, alive, vibrant Chi (also called Sheng Chi) and the quality of Chi we better avoid are Si Chi and Sha Chi (low, depressing Chi and sharp, attacking Chi). But talking about “Chi” – what actually is Chi?

What is Chi?

Chi (or sometimes spelled as ‘Qi’) is a movable positive or negative life force. In feng shui, Chinese medicine or martial arts, Chi roughly translates to energy. This energy permeates everything around us as well as the energy that connects people with their surrounding. Chi or feng shui energy can also be described as the quality of environments and the driving force in human beings. Chi is everywhere around us, in the atmosphere, around the earth and is present in and around our body.

The Power of Chi

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Feng shui Chi is constantly in a state of flux, and because of this, all of us are constantly changing. This change is essential to our spiritual, mental and physical health. When there is no change, there is stagnation. Chi energy is vital for maintaining emotional, environmental and physical balance. If your body’s Chi is imbalance or blocked, then you may get depressed, fall sick or experience physical discomfort. If the Chi in your environment is out of balance, it will also affect your life. Negative or harmful Chi can cause difficulties in business or disturbance in your relationships or cause general ill luck. When Chi is balanced and flowing properly, it will bring happiness, luck and all the good things in life.

The movement in T’ai Chi encourage chi to move through our body and acupuncture needles are used to unblock its flow when stuck. In Chinese herbal medicine, special energetic qualities of herbs are used to correct chi when it becomes unbalance.

The Chi within each of us has its own unique characteristics, it also moves in its own unique way. Chi is found in everything, it is everywhere. There is a chi of time, of numbers, of seasons, of stars, of colors, of stillness, of careers, etc. Feng shui is a means to understand chi and learn its movements in our environment. The furnishings of our home are said to radiate chi, therefore when you enter any room in your home or other people’s home, there is always an energy presence you can discover and fine tune.

Personal Chi

As an individual, you have your own personal chi, a personal aura. Happiness, anger, frustration and other emotions are sensed by other people around us. Even posture of how you talk, walk, or the tone in your voice can clue to others to your emotional state. Chi can even be found radiating from your home’s inhabitants in the form of personal chi. The chi of your home and your personal chi complement each other like macaroni and cheese. An unorganized or hostile living space creates chaos and this chaotic chi or energy will impact your personal attitude whenever you are inside this chaotic room.

Electronics, windows, doors, ceiling, wall paper, wall art, cozy fire places and flower filled vases are examples of decor or furnishings that radiate Chi. They all radiate very different types of Chi. According to the Book of Burial, burial takes advantage of “vital chi”. It is said that “vital chi” was “congealed chi” which is the state of chi that engenders life. In feng shui, luopan is used to detect the flow of chi.



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