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Tiger Zodiac SignMetal Tiger

These Tigers are definitely not a reticent type. They often project an image of being tough and outspoken, and sometimes can be extremely bossy. Full of confidence, these people never doubt themselves and always believe that they are capable of great things. The Metal Tiger is bound to be aggressive, passionate and active. Ostentatious and self-centred, when motivated in a right way, they can become a very competitive and untiring worker. The problem is that the impatient Metal Tiger wants too much and too soon. They can be overoptimistic about expected results. These Tigers are easily stirred by both bad and good influences and will tend to act independently. They should also learn to be more flexible sometimes.

Water Tiger

The water element endows this Tiger with calmer nature. The Water Tiger is more sensitive and open minded compared to other type of Tigers. The water element also gives this Tiger to be able to see things objectively and this can teach the Tiger to relate to how others feel. More intuitive and realistic, this Tiger has a well-developed faculty for communicating with people. Water Tiger makes fewer errors in her assesment. Her mental abilities are above par, but like most Tigers, Water Tiger also sometimes wasting his/her time procrastinating. Fortunately, the water element also makes these Tigers less temperamental when compared to the Tigers of other elements and they are given the ability to control their emotional urges and concentrate on their endeavours.

Wood Tiger

The double wood-wood combination (the natural element of Tiger is also wood) makes these Tigers more even and affable. These Tigers are the tolerant type who evaluate situations in a practical and impartial light. They are democratic in their views, they understand and appreciate the importance of enlisting others’ cooperaton in order to advance more rapidly. This Tiger will attract many supporters and friends, as he or she can mingle with people from all walks of life. Their loyalty is mostly to themselves and these Tigers tend to take the minimum responsibility possible. The Wood Tigers are also inclined to be the least penetrating of all Tigers. However, all Tigers take criticism badly and the Wood Tigers are no exception.

Fire Tiger

People born under the Fire Tiger are always on the run, ready for action and only caring about the present. One of their favourite mottoes is “Seize the day” and Fire Tigers are animated yet changeable characters. Fire Tiger finds it very difficult to contain his boundless energy and enthusiasm. Fire Tiger seeks constantly to convert his or her nervous energy and inspirations to forceful action. These Tigers love to impress people with their vitality and optimistic personality. Fire makes the Tiger even more expressive than he already is. Nevertheless, these people are also capable of an explosive temper but fortunately their temper comes and goes easily and is never longlasting. Generous to the hilt, these Tigers display more leadership qualities than Tigers of other elements.

Earth Tiger

Earth Tiger is the quietest among all the Tigers. The earth element makes these Tigers more responsible and less impulsive. These Tigers are also steadier than other Tigers because the element of earth gives them a longer attention span. And that enables them to work objectively and diligently without getting themselves restless. Earth Tigers may not be as decisive and brilliant as other Tigers but they are generally reasonable and clear-headed. These Tigers are also the type who most apt to form relatonships on the basis of usefulness rether than personal or sexual attraction. Earth Tigers are an intellectual and more of a worrier than a daredevil. In the long run, the Earth Tiger has the most potential to be successful because of their responsible and tranquil nature.



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