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Snake Zodiac SignMetal Snake

The Metal Snake will be gifted with forceful will power and a calculating, intelligent mind. Metal Snakes are hungry for power, luxury and wealth. Armed with discriminating taste and keen eye for locating opportunity, they like to move quickly and quietly. They will establish themselves in a solid position before anyone has a chance to stop them. Possessive and domineering, their vision is clear and farsighted and they will aspire to the best of everything. They often suspect others of hidden motives. The Metal Snake is also by far the most evasive, secretive and overconfident. In spite of their ability to wield power and influence, the Metal Snake will have an envious streak in him and will constantly try to outdo the opposition, either by fair means or foul. Metal Snake find it hard to accept failure or defeat ever.

Water Snake

When you combine the intuitive, calm and intrusive water element with the cool, deep, secretive and wise Snake, you will get an impressively powerful manager with much to offer. This unassailable Snake is very, very business minded and full of charisma. Materialistic and shrewd, the Water Snake know exactly how to influence people and manage projects and is extremely focused. These Snakes possess great mental abilities and powers of concentration. The Water Snake can block out every distractions and brush aside unimportant issues for effective overall planning. Artistic and well-read, the sophisticated Water Snake is also practical.

Wood Snake

The element of wood combined with the Snake’s fixed natural element, fire, will make this Snake very interesting. Wood Snake will shine like a beacon light, attracting instaed of pursuing the objects and people he desires. The Wood Snake will express himself well and therefore could become an eloquent speaker. He could be vain about his personal appearance and he has expensive habits. Since the Wood Snakes crave admiration and public approval, these Snake will do their utmost in order to achieve lasting and large-scale success. They seek emotional stability and financial security. They will be constant and enduring in their affections. Discretion, good judgment and a sharp sense of values will make these Snakes a superb investor and appreciator of all the fine things in life.

Fire Snake

An intense and masterful Snake. Fire added to the already imposing Snake personality can give her/him public appeal and charisma. Active in mind and body, these Snakes perform energetically. Their strong, almost maniacal desire for money, power and fame will make the Fire Snakes insist on concrete result. Most people will definitely vote for this type of person once the Fire Snake goes into the politics. Terribly suspicious by nature, the Fire Snake is too quick to censure and to condemn. Uncompromising and persevering, the Fire Snake always set his sights on the highest goals and when he reach to the top, this Snake will cling to power indefinitely. The Fire Snake is the most fervent, sensual and jealous kind of Snake. This Snake will display excessive love or hate andd be very preoccupied with himself.

Earth Snake

The Earth Snake is a warm, easy going and spontaneous Snake who form slowly but correct opinion of others. These Snakes are more reliable, persistent and principled, they can communicate with the public and function effectively in group activities. They reserve the right to pass their own judgment. The Earth Snake will never be intimidated easily and might refuse to be influenced by the crowd. By and large, this will be the most enchanting and graceful of all the Snakes. Immensely charming, cool and collected, the Earth Snakes will be loyal to their friends and have an army of supporters. Intelligent, talented, conservative and frugal with money, this systematic and hardworking Earth Snake will succeed in banking, real estate investments and insurance and can reconcile his needs with his resources.



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