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Rat Zodiac with Five Elements

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Rat Zodiac SignMetal Rat

Metal Rat is an idealistic Rat, vivid in actions and speech, and intensely emotional. The Metal Rat people like to hide their feelings by presenting themselves as charming and happy personality. In reality, Metal Rats are easily moved to anger, selfishness, jealousy and possessiveness. They possess softness from the Rat’s natural element (water) and inflexibility from the metal element. This type of Rat does not like to hoard money although he loves money and wont mind spending it such as buying quality goods or investing it. Metal Rats are not as romantic as the Rats of other elements. They like to impress people with their classic taste and well-decorated home. Metal Rat is generally ambitious and knows how to advance himself by getting into influential circles. One downfall is that Metal Rats are somewhat inflexible and they tend to be too rigid to creative ideas.

Water Rat

The water-water combination endows this Rat with calmness and diplomacy. This type of Rat is more concerned with thinking process and mental exercise. Water Rats have an excellent insight and they relate well to people of all level. These people are normally very acute and observant. The understanding and accomodating nature of Water Rat makes them to be respected and helps them to be able to promote their talents. Conservative and traditional in behaviour, the Water Rat prefers to swim with the tide rather than fight it. Shrewd and calculating, they know what are other people’s likes and dislikes and know how to please those in a position to help them. Ambitious and curious in nature, the Water Rat is always seeking knowledge and even higher education. However, these people may not be too discriminating and willing to tell their problems to anyone.

Wood Rat

A success-oriented, progressive and very amicable type of Rat who like to explore anything he comes across. Somewhat shy and introverted in social gathering, but they exude self-confidence and when it comes to career, business projects and finance, the Wood Rats will make a big impact. Farsighted and driven by curiosity, they always interested in finding out the whys and wherefores. Known to be egotistical, but they make themselves agreeable and are quite thoughtful of others because they seek their approval and admiration. Wood Rats have principles, but they can be flexible in order to achieve what their aims. Wood Rats love security and always worried about their future, this is one of the reason why they work so hard.

Fire Rat

The element of fire brings enthusiasm and passion to these Rats. Idealistic and energetic, Fire Rats love to get involved in all kinds of activities and projects. Open and aggressive by nature, they lack a sense of diplomacy and at times they can be too blunt to win the support they require. They can also be too optimistic and stubborn, which sometimes will lead to failure. Not a very disciplined people, they prefer to follow the dictates of their heart rather than the head. Fire Rats are also independent people and they are very, very competitive. Since Fire Rat people do not really like to maintain a simple middle-of-the-road existence, their fortune will change often and sometimes drastically if they are too impatient.

Earth Rat

The combination of water (Rat’s natural element) and earth elements brings balance into this type of Rat. Usually maturing early, this Rat seeks order, security and discipline. And because of this, Earth Rat tends to work in one job or place for a long time and refuse to change. Realistic and practical, they will strive to develop their positive traits and be recognized for their talents. These people care a lot about their reputation, they can be self-righteous, too achievement-conscious and intolerant with others. Earth Rats are family-oriented and very protective towards their loved ones. This type of Rats seldom take chances and usually never gamble. As a result, their fortunes will increase slowly but surely. On the negative side, they can be overpractical and stingy with money.



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