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Rabbit Zodiac SignMetal Rabbit

The element of metal lends the otherwise timid Rabbit some courage. This type of Rabbit could be sturdier mentally and physically than Rabbits belonging to other elements. The metal element gives the Rabbits a strong confidence and makes them somewhat inflexible and often disinclined to listen to suggestions and advices. They have absolute faith in their taste and music and art are the only things that can move them emotionally. Metal element matched with this animal sign will make these people preoccupied with their desires, goals and creative urges. These Rabbits will be more cunning but their ambitiousness will be carefuly concealed with cool logic and intelligence. But like all true romantic spirits, the Metal Rabbits could be inclined to dark moods, and will only work well when they are sufficiently inspired.

Water Rabbit

Water Rabbit is a meditative type of Rabbit with emotional and fragile nature. The water element enhances the Rabbit’s sensitive quality. This Rabbit cannot bear harassment or any other unpleasantness such as bickering and dissent. The Water Rabbits are extremely sympathetic, they can relate to how others feel, therefore it is not surprising that Water Rabbit is very popular among friends. This Rabbit somehow can pick up the thoughts and feelings from others or transmit his or her ideas to others. However, Water Rabbits have tendency to become too attached and also overemotional about others’ problems and this often leads them to shy away from reality. Rabbits hate conflicts and confrontation, particularly the sensitive Water Rabbit. These people must learn to be more decisive andd not to drown in self-pity.

Wood Rabbit

The double-wood element makes these Rabbits more generous and understanding, they will be too charitable at times for their own good. The Wood Rabbits are often intimidated by authority and may choose to iignore mistakes made in ther presence in order to maintain the status quo. They thrive in large cooperation or other institutions where they can diplomatically and slowly climb the ladder of success, one rung at a time. Togetherness and group effort appeal to them and gives them the kind of reassurance and security they need. Wood Rabbit might become quite bureaucratic and hedge when they have to make decision that can offend people. In their refusal to meddle or take sides, they can actually end up hurting everyone, including themselves.

Fire Rabbit

The fire element helps these affectionate and passionate Rabbits open up their emotions. But fire element also makes these Rabbits quick-tempered and moody but fortunately they still can mask their emotions with diplomacy and charm. Fire Rabbits are demonstrative and have more strength of character than other Rabbits. His personality is easy and natural, the fire element makes this Rabbit prone to emotion and outspoken in expressing his wants. Fire Rabbit will have high level of intuition and even psychic ability. This type of Rabbit is intensely aware of changes in their surroundings. Fire Rabbit is also more capable of leadership than other type of Rabbits and his or her rule is tempered with moderation and discretion.

Earth Rabbit

A steadfast and serious type of Rabbit who is capable of well-calculated moves. They are so practical compared to other Rabbits and therefore they have high potential to make names for themselves through hard work. The earth element makes this Rabbit less indulgent and becomes more constant, although his or her constancy will be of a passive sort. Earth Rabbits are materialistic people, and their rational and balanced personality wins them favour in the eyes of their superiors. When beset with problems, their introverted nature causes them to turn inward and they have to be in accord with their inner self before they act. The Earth Rabbit never hesitate to appropriate whatever resources are avalable and will use them wisely.



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