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Pig Zodiac SignMetal Pig

The element of metal makes people born in the year of the Metal Pig more ambitious and stubborn. This type of Pig does not accept defeat or failure gracefully. But as an active doer with optimism, sincere and positive strength, the Metal Pig is never a quitter. Intense and more dominating than most, the Metal Pigs often has excessive appetites and could lack refinement or tact. These Pigs are passionate, proud and headstrong who value their reputation. The Metal Pigs are forceful and they could be a dangerous opponent as they can be violent to express their resentment or anger. They often overestimate their friends and underestimate their enemies. Often betrayed by friends, these Metal Pigs should learn that not all friends will return the same sincerity and honesty for their friendship.

Water Pig

This double-water combination (water is also the fixed or natural element of the pig) will strengthen the Pig’s keen observation and sensibility which helps them see through their opponent’s desires and weaknesses. Water Pig will be calmer, more diplomatic and intuitive, they make excellent negotiators. When it comes to getting what they want, these sympathetic Water Pigs can be very persuasive. Water Pigs love to party and are very affectionate and passionate with their loved ones. When they are negative, these people can be preoccupied with sex, excessive drinking, enjoyment of rich foods or indulging in other expensve luxuries at the expense of others.

Wood Pig

The Wood Pigs have hearts of gold and seldom take no for an answer from a friend in need. Practical and down-to-earth, the Wood Pigs are gifted at bring people together. These communicative Wood Pigs can get along well with almost everyone and are often organizers at social functions. Although the Wood Pigs might only interested in their own gains, but they are also capable of devoting their plenty time and efforts to social and charity events. Wood makes them expansive, they enjoy working in groups, work well with other people and love to help those who come in touch with them. These persuasive talkers love to entertain people. Yet, like all Pigs, the Wood Pigs have to be cautious about whom they associate with and should learn to be choosier with friends instaed of placing blind faith in every stranger.

Fire Pig

The element of fire makes the Pigs more courageous and daring than other type of Pigs. They are vivacious and bold, unafraid to take risks despite the consequence. Possessed with intense emotions and determination, they are the wanna-be heroes. Extroverted, outgoing and active, Fire Pigs breathe new life into everything they do. These people will never fear the unknown, optimistic, intrepid and trusting in their own innate ability, they will try their luck at anything and succeed against vast odds. Motivated by love, the Fire Pigs will try their best to gain success in order to provide a gracious life for their all-important family. They make nice bosses because they are so spirited, caring and enduring. But dont doublecross the Fire Pigs, they can be abrasive when things dont turn out as they planned.

Earth Pig

The element of earth gives the Pigs a sense of steadiness and patience. These are the sensible, peaceful and happy type of Pigs who may have enough sense to benefit themselves. Earth Pigs tend to be the happiest when they are at home with their families. Earth Pigs are very productive, have great willpower and can cope with burdens and stress that most people cant endure. They are constantly seeking security and are self-confident, resourceful and hardworking. They are ambitious and are aware of their own limits. In general, these Earth Pigs are reliable associates, kind and considerate friends as well as helpful employers.



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