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Ox Zodiac SignMetal Ox

Ox people are one of the most stubborn, rigid and hardworking people, the metal element (as the hardest substance among the five elements) will strengthen these qualities even more. The Metal Ox will often have strong clashes of will with people, even with his or her superiors, who do not agree with her or his view. These people express themselves clearly, resolutely and intensely and can never be accused of being vague about what they want. Metal Ox will stick to his guns at all cost and will use all his abilities to the full to get what he wants. Not affectionate by nature, they are famous for being persons of few words. Tough and arrogant, they do not recognize the word “failure” and can be very vengeful and narrow-minded when they dont get their way.

Water Ox

The water element makes this Ox more realistic, patient and practical than other types of Oxen. Water brings sensitivity and enables the Ox to listen and help others. This Ox possesses a shrewd mind and a keen sense of values. More open to suggestion, water element makes the Ox less stubborn compared to the Ox of any other element, and he or she will not be upset if asked to compromised. These Oxen are primarily concerned about improving their status and security. They have the ability to concentrate on more than one goal at a time. Their patience, determination and methodical calmness give them the ability to wear out and wait out the opposition.

Wood Ox

When combined with the natural element of the Ox, the water, the Wood Ox will blossom and grow. This water-wood combination makes this Ox the most creative and innovative type of Ox. The Wood Ox is also less rigid and reacts more quickly than others of his sign. Wood Ox is admired for his integrity and ethics. This Ox understands and operates within fixed social system and he will be a much better showman compared to the Oxen of other elements. Wood Ox is also impartial and fair, although his or her lunar animal sign draws him/her toward conservatism. He/she is blessed with a good sense of humor and is capable of teamwork and great accomplishments. He understands and appreciates the importance of coexistence and will link her or his ambitions to a larger order of things.

Fire Ox

Fire Ox is forceful and aggressive, and the type most drawn to power and importance. Although most Ox consider themselves superior to others, but they dont normally show their arrogance. But with this group of Fire Ox, they will wave their royal flag around and proudly announce to the world their belief in their superiority. The Ox’s native sense of control is reinforcedd but so is his strong temper. And because of that, this Ox can be more proud and forceful than the other Oxen (with tthe exception of the quiet Metal Ox). Materialistic and impulsive, Metal Ox can be too harsh to people who dare oppose him. Fire Ox is very protective toward the ones they love.

Earth Ox

The element of earth possesses many of the Ox’s qualities such as reliability, patience and enduring. Therefore the water-Earth Ox combination makes them more enduring but less creative type of Ox. Earth Oxs are faithful to their duties and to their own principles. They understand their own limitations and constantly seeking security. Industrious and practical, this Ox is willing to sacrifice anything in order to get what he wants. Although not very emotional or sensitive enough, this Ox is capable of sincere and lasting affection and will be steadfast and loyal to his loved ones. Determined and purposeful, the Earth Ox will go far, it will be very hard to push him back because this Ox will never surrender captured ground. Earth Ox will endure difficulties and suffering without complaint. Earth Ox may be the slowest but he is the surest of all the Oxen.



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