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Monkey Zodiac SignMetal Monkey

This is the fighting Monkey. The Metal Monkey is strong, independent and sophisticated. Metal is the Monkey’s fixed element, therefore when you are born in the year of the Metal Monkey, you become a double-metal Monkey. The double-metal multiplies Monkey’s toughness, and also increases their stiffness. Hardworking and practical, they will be successful due to their innate determination and ambitious nature. This Metal Monkey prefers to work alone, likes to run his or her own business and become his/her own boss. Metal makes the Monkey ardent and demonstrative in his affections. Persuasive and passionate, this Monkey can be warm, positive and convincing. Metal Monkey will have high aspirations and he or she may apear to be status-seeking or overdramatic at times in her behaviour.

Water Monkey

Water brings sensitivity and compassion to the Monkeys. The Water Monkeys are hurt more easily by the words or actions of others. This type of Monkey is more speculative, calm and intuitive, and they are also quite secretive. Water Monkey has the tendency to hide his/her true feelings within themselves and can become evasive. More understanding and cooperative than other Monkeys, these Water Monkeys can compromise with grace, they know how to work around barriers rather than wasting their energy and time in knocking them down. The water element will impart to the Monkeys a greater sense of purpose. But they will know not too obvious or direct in showing their intentions.

Wood Monkey

Wood Monkeys have a knack for communicating with others, they usually excel in languages and information technology. The wood element will make the Monkeys more restless, creative and have a strong pioneering spirit. The Wood Monkey person can deal with all types of people with grace and ease. They work hard and apply their practicality to their work. These Monkeys will search for answers constantly and will not take set backs calmly. They are always looking forward and never quite satisfy with what they had achieved. Observant and aware of everythng that is going on aruond them, the Wood Monkeys are very resourceful, progressive and excellent problem-solvers.

Fire Monkey

Fire gives the Monkey extra determination. The Fire Monkey is the most forceful of all Monkeys. Fire brings stamina, strength and durability. These hyperactive Monkeys are full of life, very aggressive and always appear vital and powerful. The Fire Monkeys will show traits of being the natural leaders, these people are expressive, passionate and very interested in the opposite sex. The Fire Monkey will have tendency to dominate and the fire element will give the Monkeys extra strength and constant drive to be on top of her or his professional field. They are extremely competitive, inventive but not always careful. When they are negative, they can be very stubborn, argumentative and capable of great jealousy. These Monkeys are lucky in speculative ventures and they can correctly evaluate risks.

Earth Monkey

The element of earth brings stability and hardwork to the playful Monkeys. Less concerned about their ego, the Earth Monkeys will be more sympathetic and honest than the other Monkeys. They are motivated individuals, diligent and collected. The element of earth also makes these Monkeys become placid, expansive, serious about their friendships or occupations and are more dependable than most. They quietly demand appreciation and admiration for their talents and services. The Earth Monkeys will not be too interested of entertaining people unless it is a necessity, but they can show genuine concern for the betterment of others. Earth Monkeys can also devote themselves completely to causes and those they love and believe in. They will value their integrity and will achieve distinction through their thoroughness and devotion to duty.



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