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Horse Zodiac SignMetal Horse

The Metal Horses love to roam. These self-sufficient and demonstrative Horses treasure their freedom and liberation. The Metal element makes these Horses more self-centred and stubborn than other types of Horses. Irrepressible, unruly and headstrong, the Metal Horses will listen to no one. These people hate supervision and can be extremely irresponsible. A stable relationship is not their idea of a priority. Impetuous and bold, the Metal Horses will often change their partners and jobs because they love adventure, they get bored easily and always interested in something new. They are highly amorous and very appealing to the opposite sex. The Metal Horses will make a better friend than partner beceuse friendship doesnt tie them down the way a relationship does.

Water Horse

The element of water adds creativity to the Horses. These Horses will appreciate the arts and all the beautiful things in life. Water Horses are quite adaptable and they can make the best out of their situations. They can cheerfully adjust any changes in their environment. Water Horses tend to be more indecisive than any other type of Horses as they have the habit of changing their mind frequently without giving any reason at all. This inconsistency can be very, very annoying especially if they happen to be the boss. This nomadic type of Horse cuold be more restless than the others. Having a delicious sense of humour, this Horse is guided by the sporadic bursts of nervous but inspired action.

Wood Horse

Unlike the usually nervous Horse people, the Wood Horses are less impatient and they dont have such a hard time making decisions. These Horses are calm, cooperative and always try to help others. This type of Horse cuold be the most reasonable of the lot. The element of Wood enables these Horses to discipline their mind better and they will be capable of clear and systematic thinking. Amusing and a good conversationalist, the Wood Horses are not overly egoistical and will not vie constantly for the headlines. Progressive, modern and unsentimental, the Wood Horse will try to fulfil his responsibility first before exploring many other fields. But do not expect persistent performance from these Horses because just like other Horses, the Wood Horses can also be easily sidetracked by other new ideas or events.

Fire Horse

The double-fire element (fire is also the Horse’s fixed element) multiplies all the good and bad in Horse’s qualities. Fire Horses are generally either incredibly lucky or ridiculously unlucky. In ancient times, the Chinese women even tried to avoid giving birth during the year of the Fire Horse. The truth is that, people born in the year of the Fire Horse are itinerant and flamboyant people with a superb intellect and great personal magnetism. These people try to bring about the changes they desire through force and sheer willpower. They can be distracted every easily and are too inconsistent to stick to repetitious tasks. These thrill-seekers rarely accepts supervision from others, even their superiors. Their temper can be overbearing. Fire Horses are capable of great success or dismal failure.

Earth Horse

The Earth Horses will be more able to see situations from all angles and corners. The element of earth can calm this busy Horse down a little bit. These Horses are apt to be more logical but less decisive. They move slower but more cautious in every steps. They are more organized, disciplined and systematic. Nevertheless, this cautious nature also makes them hesitant, the good thing is that they prefer to determine each pro and con bfore making a final decision. In order to accomplish their goals, the Earth Horse would rather take longer to do the job than to work shorter and shave a little quality. With earth as their element, these Horses will be less abrupt. Wood Horses offer less resistance to authority.



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