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Dragon Zodiac SignMetal Dragon

The element of metal makes this Dragon to be the most strong-willed of the Dragons. Metal Dragons are very tough and bright. Having great vision, these Dragons are burning with ambition and determination, they also can be very inflexible and unwilling to accept defeat. On the negative side, Metal Dragons show little patience to others especially to those who are considered very inferior, they also can be very critical to others. Metal Dragons have high standards, and it is useless to try to convince these people of beliefs other than their own. This Dragon is not good at diplomacy and when others disagree with him, he will choose to go for it alone.

Water Dragon

The element of water gives these Dragons calmness and makes them less selfish and aggressive. Inhibited but progressive Dragons, who try hard not to be as conspicuous as other power-hungry Dragons. Democratic and liberal-minded, the Water Dragons can accept defeat or rejection without bitterness. Water is calming and it brings many benefits to this lunar sign as this Dragon will know how to act wisely and do what is neccessary for her or his progress. Unlike the other Dragons, Water Dragons tend to be more diplomatic and more open to suggestions. These Dragons will not jump to any conclusions too quickly before further observation. The Water Dragons are likely to be successful as negotiators as they know when, where and how to apply force.

Wood Dragon

Wood represents growth and renewal, therefore Wood Dragons are good at formulating and implementing their ideas and working cooperatively with others. These are the magnanimous and creative type of Dragons who are capable of developing bright, new revolutionary concepts. They enjoy exploring new things and dont really care about their ego. Generous and cooperative, they can work with others and always try to avoid offending anyone. Of course when they are challenged, they will still be powerful and fearless like most Dragons. The Wood Dragons are very good at analysis and theory as these people are guided by logic and reason. Not as vindictive and self-centred as other Dragons, the wood element produces an unreasonable and less fierce variety of Dragon who will comnpromise when he sees it is to his advantage.

Fire Dragon

The Fire Dragon is the most competitive and outgoing of all Dragons. These Dragons are born leaders, they are blessed with enormous energy and will expect a lot from everyone. Holding a high standard in everything, the Fire Dragons are perfectionists who are very impatient with faults and foolishness and they can be extremely critical of others as well. These Fire Dragon are full of charisma and that is why many of these Dragons end up being famous. Fire Dragons are very impulsive, short-tempered and inconsiderate but they have the ability to arouse the masses with their vibrant personality. The fire element gives these Dragons overzealous and dictatorial inclinations. If they can learn to be more considerate and sensitive, they can become great leaders.

Earth Dragon

The earth element brings stability, patience, security and common sense to the Dragons. Usually this type of Dragons are more cooperative and sociable than other Dragons. The earth Dragons are fair and appreciative of others’ opinions, even if they dont agree with them. Although not as severe as other Dragons, the Earth Dragon will still have the basic urge to subjugate people. But they will approach problems with reason and their leadership will be less dictatorial. They also dont lose their temper easily, but like most Dragons, they will retaliate quickly once their dignity is offended. The earth element influences these Dragons to be unhurried and their aspirations are more liable to be uncluttered and solid. This aristocratic and impersonal Earth Dragons are quiet, strong and brave.



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