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Dog Zodiac SignMetal Dog

The double-metal combination (metal is also the Dog’s fixed or natural element) will strengthen the Dog’s idealistic qualities. In ancient China, people believe that the Metal Dog cuold be either very, very bad or very, very good, depending on whether it takes the negative or positive course. Tibetans call this combination the ‘Iron Dog’. Metal Dogs have very high standards, they expect a lot of themselves and also of others. When the Metal Dogs have committed themselves to something, there is little to no turning back. Bold, stern and extremely opinionated, Metal Dogs sometimes take things too seriously, they are stressed easily if a plan doesnt go accordingly. These Dogs can be selflessly dedicated to people or objects worthy of devotion and at the same time, ruthlessly pursue their enemies when provoked.

Water Dog

The Water Dogs have great foresight, very diplomatic and more easygoing than other Dogs. The Water Dog is believed to be very attractive and striking beauty if a female. The element of water softens the Dog’s rough edge, it makes the Dogs less temperamental and become more sympathetic and pleasant. The water element gives these Dogs more reflective qualities and helps them to be more appreciate of other points of view, making the Water Dogs quite flexible and liberal. Despite their democratic stance and pleasant personality, Water Dogs do not establish very strong personal bonds to people who close to them and are often too liberal where they should be more firm. Well-educated and popular, the Water Dogs are fated to have a large circle of friends and their company will be much sought after.

Wood Dog

A warm-hearted, enchanting and even-tempered sort of Dogs. The element of wood causes these Dogs more stable and generous. Adaptable, flexible and energetic, they will form close and lasting relationships with those they choose to befriend and love. Considerate, honest and well-liked, they seek intellectual stimulation and will work hard to develop themselves. These cooperative Wood Dogs will gravitate towards refinement and social graces despite their hidden assertive qualities. They love to deal in partnerships or ally themselves with powerful affiliations. Basically group-oriented, the Wood Dogs will be eager to please as many of their associates as possible. However, they are not as independent as other Dogs and therefore need to learn independence.

Fire Dog

The element of fire revitalizes the Dogs and creates a popular and attractive individual. These highly dramatic Dogs will be thrown into the limelight by their alluring yet friendly personality. Fire Dogs are vivacious and adventurous, yet, honest and openhearted. Fire makes them fierce when attacked. They will be rebelious and defiant when forced to do something against their will, but these charismatic Fire Dogs will be very popular with the opposite sex. Enthusiastic and full of curiosity, the Fire Dogs love new experiences and often succeed at any project they have in mind. Fire Dogs often need mentors to learnn from and guide them. And that is probably why these people relate better to those older than themselves.

Earth Dog

The Earth Dogs are stoic, genuine, rational and stable. The element of earth gives the Dogs an element of security, for they are confident and inspiring. They are more serious and hardworking Dogs who are faithful to their family, friends and duties. They are vigilant and efficient Dogs who move with good purposes. Like most Dogs, the Earth Dogs are idealistic, but the element of earth makes the Dogs practical enough so they dont lose sight of reality. They are faithful to their beliefs but will bow to the majority rule. These Dogs have high moral standards and tendency to demand the same loyalty and dedication from others. The realistic Earth Dog will be practical but less sentimental. They will not abuse powers bestowed on them and will delegate duties witth a keen insight into other people’s potentials.



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