Lunar Phase in Natal Chart

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The sun and the moon are considered as the two most fundamental energies in our birth chart. The moon being the closest heavenly body, controls the rhythm of the sea and its creatures as well as the flow of human blood in the body. Its magnetic pull has ruled the risingg and ebbing ocean tides as well as other bodies of water. Since our bodies consist of three-quarters liquid, it has long been believed that the moon has great influence on us. Likewise, animals and plants are subject to its all-encompassing force.

For example, the oysters will adjust thier shell openings to when the moon is directly overhead. The germination of seeds and the growth of plants will also be affected by the different phases of the moon. Bees are more active at New Moon, plant metabolism is at its highest during the Full Moon and many women have their periods at a Full Moon or New Moon.

In following a lunar month, there is a rule to remember: a new moon heralds in a new lunar month. On the 15th day of the munar month, the monthly cycle reaches its peak, with the bright golden full moon dominating the night sky.

Four Phases of The Moon

Each lunar month, which comprises the twenty-nine and a half days mark the four phases of the moon. The first week starts with the new moon and lasts for seven and a half days. Then, on the second phase, which makes up what is called the first quarter – it reaches its peak a day before the full moon. The third week starts on the fifteenth lunar day (the full moon). The fourth week (also called as the last quarter) starts on the twenty-second-and-a-half day, this also brings the lunar month to a close.

The four phases of the moon is believed by the Chinese to have their own functions and significance.

New Moon PhaseNew Moon (1 – 7.5 days)
The first phase symbolizes birth, renewal, sowing and awakening. It is associated with the East, the spring and wood element. People who born in this phase are innovative and lively, and are free spirits with a love of adventures and new ideas. They are generally impressionable, outgoing and inventive, but also very impulsive and restless. It is also a perfect time to put seed into the ground, open a business or start new ventures. This lunar phase governs the signs of Rabbit, Tiger and Dragon.

First Quarter Moon PhaseFirst Quarter (7.5 – 15 days)
The second phase is identified with summer. It symbolizes maturity, potency, development and full growth. It is also associated with the south, the summer, and the fire element. People who born during this phase are usually strong minded, full of potent energy, competent fighters and doers. They are capable of aggressive and forceful action. These people are the leaders of the lunar cycle. This is also a prime time to transplant seedlings as well as to promote lush growth. Snake, Horse and the Sheep are the signs governed by this lunar phase.

Full MoonFull Moon (15 – 22.5 days)
The third quarter symbolizes harvest, collection, organization and storage. It is associated with autumn, metal element and the west. Those born under this phase like to restore order, organize, resolve problems and settle disputes with intelligence and calm reason. It is an excellent time to harvest ripened fruit and grain, cut wood for winter, preserve food, mend broken fences and consolidate one’s resources after the harvest. This lunar phase governs the signs of Rooster, Monkey and Dog.

Last Quarter Moon PhaseLast Quarter (22.5 – 29 days)
The fourth quarter symbolizes completion, hibernation, conclusion and rest. It is associated with the north, the winter and water element. Those born during this phase are thinkers, makers of analytical decisions and keepers of confidences. Persevering in their action, these people are patient and possess cool, logical minds. They conserve energy and will burst forth into life when the time is right. This is generally the time to settle debts, finish a project or close a business. This lunar phase governs the signs Pig, Rat and Ox.



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