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Balancing The Five Elements

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The theory of Yin-Yang and the Five Elements play an important part in Chinese astrology and culture. In the 5 element theory, we have learnt that we have to live in harmony with our surrounding. In the Yin-Yang theory, we also have learnt that achieving balance is the key to a healthy and happy life. By looking at your birth chart, you can find out what is your lucky element or the element you lack. In order to improve your life or luck, you need to create your missing element and increase your lucky element until all your elements are in balanced. There are some of the most common ways used by the Chinese astrologers to balance your elements.

Changing Your Name

Adding the weak or missing element into the writing of the child’s given names is one of the method. By placing a strong emphasis on certain characters in his name, they believe his fate can be altered. Chinese astrologers and geomancers make plenty of money by helping their clients change their names. For example, if Wood is missing from your life composition, then the Chinese character for Wood must be carefully incorporated into your name, with a balance of sound, rhythm, number of strokes and meaning.

Chinese Names to English Names

It will not be very practical of course for Westerners to change their names, much less incorporate such words as Wood or Water into the writing of it. But the good news is that even if you dont have a Chinese name, you still can use this ancient art to create more good luck for yuorself.

First, you need to know the relaitonship between the 26 alphabets and the 5 elements. Once you know your lucky element and which element each of the alphabets represent, you can easily change or create any name you want.

According to some articles,

Let’s take Ririn for example;

Ririn born on 8 June, which is summer. Her favorable element is Water.
There are two ”R”, two “I”, and one “N” in her name. The two “R” represent Metal (Metal strengthen Water, so the letter R is good for her), the two “I” represent Water (which is what she is looking for) and the one “N” represent Fire (a bad letter for her). There are more favourable letters in her name (4 good letters and 1 bad letter) and from here we conclude that her name brings her luck.

Because of this, some people prefer to be called by their full name rather than their shortened name because their full name contains more favourable letters in it.

Other method i found is by using the number of letter count.

It is said that the number of letter count from names will imply the type of elements;

For example, “Ciela” is in the Earth group. “Didi” is in the Fire group. “Kristine” is in the Metal group.

According to other article, the sound of the name also implies the type of elements.

Sound from first syllable:

For example, “Robert” is in the Metal group, “Kim” is in the Wood group. “Brain” is in the Water group.


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