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Five Elements of Nature

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According to Chinese astrology, everything in the universe including human is having a relationship with the Five Elements. The Five Elements is called “Wu-xing” in Chinese, they are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Those five elements can be applied not only to physical things in the world but also to the Colors, Seasons, Directions, Years, Months, Hours of the Chinese calender. The Chinese Yin-Yang principle of the Five Elements uses the theory of balancing these elements in order to help you find your lucky places, times and best living environment. When our Five Elements are in balance, they will be in harmony.

Effects of The Five Elements

The element of the year of our birth, our lunar sign, the time of our birth, month and country of birth will exercise big influence on our life. For example, the year 2010 (the year of the Metal Tiger) is known to have big clash with those who born under the Fire Monkey, but since the Monkey’s element is Fire (Fire weaken the Metal) therefore he would be able to conquer or control his problems and things will turn out not so bad. But the story will be different for those who born under the Wood Monkey, neither the Tiger sign nor the Metal element are conducive to the Wood Monkey, in this case they can deduce that they may fare even worst then predicted.

How To Know My Element

Here are one of the mehods to see what elements you have:
(The effect of these elements have descending order of importance)

  1. The element of the year of birth (you can check what’s yours here).
  2. The element of your animal zodiac sign (natural or fixed element of your animal sign).
  3. The element of the hour of birth.
  4. The element of the month of birth.
  5. The element of your country of birth (America: Metal, China: Water, Canada: Wood, France: Metal, Hongkong: Wood, Israel: Water, Russia: Fire etc).

To make you understand easier, lets take a person born in America, on May 23, 1940, between 11 to 1 P.M.

  1. The element of this person’s year of birth is Earth (1940, the year of the Earth Rabbit).
  2. His animal sign is Rabbit, and the Rabbit's fixed element is Wood.
  3. His hour of birth is the Rat, so his hour element is Water (Rat= Water).
  4. His month of birth falls under the sign of Gemini (which correspond to the Horse in Chinese zodiac), the fixed element of the Horse is Fire.
  5. His country of birth is America, United States born under the year of Monkey. Monkey’s fixed element is Metal.

If you notice the elements this person has, you will realize that he has all the complete five elements. Most of us will end up lacking one or more of the eIements, while having a concentration of one or two others. The more elements you possess, the less susceptible you are to harm or opposition from the other elements. Since each element has the power over the other element, its influence can be cancelled out by the eIement that it can conquer.

Other method to find out what element you have is from the season of your birth:

Dominating Element
Favorable Element
Spring 4 Feb - 18 Feb
Fire, Metal
Spring 19 Feb - 5 May
Summer 6 May - 6 Aug
Autumn 7 Aug - 7 Oct
Autumn 8 Oct - 7 Nov
Fire, Earth
Water, Metal
Winter 8 Nov - 3 Feb

The element you lack is considered your lucky element. This means that if you lack Metal in your birth chart then Metal is your lucky element. If you need Water to balance your elements in your birth chart then Water is your lucky element. By increasing the effect of your lucky or favorable element, you are enhancing your luck cycle (you are changing bad luck into good luck).



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