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According to Feng Shui and Chinese astrology, especially the Five Elements theory, we can gain more success or happiness if we choose our job or career that it is compatible with our element.

If the elements dominating your life fall mainly into the Fire category, then you will be most successful when dealing with Metal and Wood related business. The Fire person will also be at home in his own Fire-related professions, but if you have too many Fire in your chart, you will have no one to blame if you insist on a Water-based profesion and literally gets soaked in the process. Earth-related fields also cause you conflict.

If Earth is happen to be your strong element in your life, then professions that is related to Water and Fire will provide the easiest route to financial gain, success and job satisfaction. Earth-related industries should also provide little conflict. Avoid dealing in Wood and Metal because they can harm the Earth.

If Wood features strongly in your overall chart, then you will be able to deal successfully with Earth and Water related business. All Wood-related fields, such as the lumber business, furniture, paper products, etc, should also provide no hindrance but Fire and Metal could definitely hurt your element.

Someone with a majority of Metal in his life’s chart should be happy in fields related to Wood and Earth industries. Metal industries such as mining, canned food, steel, automobile and aircraft manufacture, jewelry, etc.., should also provide little conflict. But when you persist in working with Fire-related fields, you may not find the same degre of success or ease of achievement. Water-related fields also cause you conflict.

Finally, if all your elements lean heavily towards Water, then you should deal in Fire and Metal-related industries. The Earth and Wood will limit you to a certain degree and you may find progress difficult or slow in its related fields.

Choosing a Career

Earth elements related career include:
architecture, antiques, astrology, building material, ceramics, demolition, design, farmer, feng shui, fortune telling, funerals, gardener, geomancy, landscaping, marblework, pottery, real estate, recycle, sculpture, stone masonry, and any work that involves earth, soil, land, or rock.

Water elements related career include:
advertising, chemical engineering, delivery, education, entertainment, fishing, health care, laundry, media, medicine, online store (e-business), psychology, public relation, transportation, travel, water and other beverages.

Water related professions also involve person-to-person contact as the human body is made up mainly of water. Something which come and go symbolizing the ocean waves or water flow is also considered as Water-related. Jobs that involve strategic planning, creativity, analysis, innovation and brain power are also Water-based.

Fire elements related career include:
beauty maker, cafe, computer, cooking, electronic, electric engineering, energy, firework, food processing, gas or oil company, laser, lighting, movie production, photography, restaurant, semi-conductor and anything that depends on light or heat, or uses objects that create light or heat.

Wood elements related career include:
books, clothing, fabric, forest, furniture, gardening, herbal medicine, library, natural food, office supplies, paper, plant, wood craft, and anything that depends on natural organism material (animals or plants). Also work that involves artistic, creative or spiritual expression symbolizing a tree freely and gracefuly extending its branches, flowers and leafs.

Metal elements related career include:
appliances, computer hardware, health care equipments, internet network, machinery, manufacture, mechanic engineering, military, music instruments, technicians, transportation equipment (automobile, bike, ship, etc), TV, video games, and any work that depends on metal, or involves financiaI management (as gold is a synonym of money in Chinese). Any work that involves heavy use of electric equipments also fall into the Metal category.

Do note that in this day and age, jobs are mostly not limited to just one element or another, but may instead comprising of a mixture of two or more elements


Five Elements Feng Shui


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