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While the day begins at 12 AM in the gregorian calender, in the Chinese lunar calender the day begins at 11 PM.

According to Chinese astrology, each hour of the day has its own energy. 12 Midnight is very different from 12 Noon. 12 Midnight is very yin, quiet and still while 12 Noon is very yang and full of life. Thereby each day has its own energy, December 21st is the shortest day while June 21st is the longest day. And of course each month and even each years also has its own energy as well.

Lap Chun

You might be interested and surprised to know that on the first day of Spring (based on the lunar calendar), you can make a freshly laid egg to stand on its base - Dont believe? Try it! In Hong Kong, this day is called Lap Chun.

60 Years Old

If you are celebrating Chinese New Year that falls in the same zodiac and element as yours, it also means that you will celebrate your 60th birthday in that same year.


One of the popular traits from the Rat people are open, direct, honest, good in talking, persuasive and very expressive.
Do you know that the world’s greatest writers and historians were born in the year of the Rat.

Rat people who born in the evening is said to have a more hectic and strenuous life than their brothers who born during the quiet of the day (night Rats have to scurry aruond constantly in search for food).


The Snake may be seen as a symbol of sin and evil in Western culture, but do you know that the world’s most powerful men and beautiful women were born under the year of the Snake. People like Abraham Lincoln, Mao Zedong, Franklin D Roosevelt, John F Kennedy, Mohammad Ghandi are one of the Snake people.

A Snake born in the summer and spring is believed to be the deadliest. Winter Snakes are docile and quiet, as this is the time they hibernate.


Do you know that in China there are more babies born in the years of the Dragon than in any other animal years of the Chinese zodiac. Dragon is also the only mythical creature or animal that ever made the cut in the Chinese zodiac.


Do you know that the most controversial combination of the Chinese zodiac is probably the Fire Horse. It occurs once in every 60 years, when it last came was in 1967 and the next Fire Horse will fall in the year of 2026.

The addition of voracious and powerful Fire to the uncontrollably independent spirit of the Horse makes a highly ambitious, reckless and extremely headstrong Fire Horse. According to the legend, the Fire Horse will consume everything in his path and wreak havoc wherever he goes.

It is believed that the year of the Fire Horse had the lowest birth rate compared with other years. In Asia, there were many voluntary abortions in 1967 (the year of the Fire Horse). This proves that Orientals still believe the Fire Horse born child especially female will bring disasters to the family and his or her future spouse. The females born during the year of the Fire Horse were often killed for fear that they would be wild and uncontrollable.


The Ox people who born during the day is believed to be more active and aggressive than the quiet night Ox. Similarly the winter Ox born people will have more trying times and a leaner life compared to the summer Ox.


A Sheep born in the winter is believed will have a harder life than those born in other season because there is an absense of grass in this season and it is the time Sheep are generaly slaughtered for food.


Dog with double Metal in its element is said to be the most controversial Dog as he or she will be extremely stubborn, headstrong and very, very hard to control. Double-Metal Dog is also called the Iron Dog by Tibetans, they can be extremely good or bad will depend whether they take the positive or negative course.

A Dog who is born during the day is reputed to be less aggressive and highly strung than those born at night.


A Rooster born during the hours of the Tiger, 3 – 5 am (at the crack of dawn) and during the hours of Rooster, 5 – 7 pm (at sundown) is said to be noisiest of the lot. Night Roosters tend to be the exact opposite. The night quiet Roosters can be self-contained, over serious and uncommunicative even. They tend to be doubly eccentric, bookwormish, insulated or aloof in their quest for perfection.

Number Nine and the Dragon

Nine is the special number in China as it is the largest possible single digit, the Chinese dragons are frequently connected with it. There are nine forms of dragon listed in China and the dragon also has nine offspring. The popular “Nine Dragon Wall” in China is a screen wall with images of 9 diferent dragons found in imperial gardens and palaces. This wall has 9 large dragons, with also small dragons that cover the edge. Nine was considered the number of the emperor and only the most senior officials were allowed to wear or use nine dragons on their robes – but then only with the robe completely covered with surcoats. Other officials with lower-ranking had 5 or 8 dragons on their robes (also have to be covered with surcoats). The emperor himself wore dragon robe with one of its nine dragons hiden from view.


In ancient China (in AD 1336), except for the Emperor, it is not allowed for the commoners to wear cloth with the patterns of Qilin, Chinese phoenix, White rabbit, Lingzhi, five-clawed dragon, Nine dragons, Eight dragons, Fortune-longevity character, ‘Ten thousand years’, and Golden Yellow. At that time, anyone other than Emperor using the five-clawed dragon was put to death.

Name Change

Some people change their name in order to make their elements balanced and many of them claim that they have a better life and luck after the name change.

Chinese Astrology

Since astrology is known to be the art of finding cosmic meaning in the patterns of planets and stars, it’s been called the oldest science. Chinese astrology is the oldest form of astrology on earth. Their lunar calender is the longest chronological record in history.



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