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Libra Zodiac Sign, 23 September-October 22

Symbol: the Scales
Element: Air.
Stem: Positive.
Quality: Cardinal Sign.
Ruling Planet: Venus.
Season: Autumn.
Birthstones: Opals, Peridot, Sapphires and Tourmaline.

Libra Symbol

Libra Characteristics

Libra, the scales of a balance, the only sign in the zodiac that's neither animal nor human. The scales signify equality and balance. Librans have a great sense of fairness, cannot tolerate injustice, live by rules and love having people around them. These traits make Libra as one of the most humanitarian of the zodiac signs.

Charismatic, logical and idealistic, Libras are the diplomats of the zodiac. They are reasonable, easy going, nonjudgmental and willing to suppress their own opinions and needs in order to preserve good relations. Arguments make Libras miserable and they avoid conflict at all costs. They crave peace, Libras spend much of their lives in the pursuit of harmony.

Libras are compassionate and loving people, nobody ignores you for you are good company and know exactly how to make the best of yourself. They are kind and sweet, Librans behave correctly and they are very accommodating to others. Librans are born diplomat and peace-maker, they hate conflict and will go to a great length to achieve harmony. Artistic and easy-going, Libra is among the most sociable of the signs.

Libra is a sign with a high need for intellectual stimulation. Cooperative and disciplined, they are skilled at initiating group projects. A combination of logic, idealism and rationality causes Libras to be politically minded as well. They usually dont like to get their hands dirty and avoid any field that may require this. Their memory is excellent, and when Libras set goals for themselves, they are determined to succeed.

Usually Libras have no problem making friends since they have good social skills andd tend to be laid back and friendly. Generous with their time and service, Libras are also tend to be easily taken advantage of because they are highly susceptible to flattery and are influenced easily. Libras are so eager to avoid confict that sometimes they give in to avoid argument, even when they know that they are right, and this may make them seem insincere.

Libras have a love of luxury and this can make them frivolous. Vanity may drive these people to spend large amount of money on objects that are only for show or items that will improve their looks. They usually keep their home, their clothing and their bodies very neat, and although Libras have a lazy streak, that never extends to personal grooming.

Libras hate to be rude, they are good natured and pleasant. These people seldom rush or hurry, they appear calm, proud, gracious, sweet, earthy, charming, love to entertain and like to have a good time. They have a magnetic charm that appeals to animals and children. Librans can also be sulky, restless, confused, indecisive, depressed and sometimes temperamental. Self-discipline and self control are their keywords.

Librans can be evasive and will often give the answer they think someone wishes to hear rather than enter into a discussion. They are great listeners too, but they also expect you to listen to them in return. They are careful not to embarass anyone in public , and they know just how to handle a sticky situation, which is probably why they hardly have any enemies.

Although indecisive and changeable, the gentle Librans are trustworthy and loyal towards family and friends. Librans appreciate beauty in all things around. They are ruled by the planet Venus, which signifies beauty, prosperity and luxury. This makes Librans attractive and charming. Most Libras have a strong romantic streak. They usually have good looks and can be flirtatious. They always long for a long-lasting, committing, all-in kind of relationship. Libra people normally marry young and sometimes often. The downside is that Librans are lazy and prone to fickleness. Generous by nature, Libra people will seek balance and beauty in their environment.


Famous Libras:
Catherine Zeta Jones, David Cameron, Gwen Stefani, Jimmy Carter, John Lennon,Mahatma Gandhi, Michael Douglas, Margaret Thacher, Monica Belucci, Pope John Paul I.


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